War reporter Luzia Tschirky: “Not a day goes by without thoughts of the people in Ukraine.”

09. November 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Luzia Tschirky was named “Journalist of the Year 2022” and “Reporter of the Year 2023” and has reported directly from the flashpoint as a foreign correspondent for Swiss television SRF since the war in Ukraine began.

Starting this October, she is taking some time off. A decision that was not easy for her. She had the feeling that she was leaving the people in Ukraine in the lurch.

As her thoughts remain with the people in Ukraine, she will use this time out to write a book about her experiences in the war and to continue to be a mouthpiece as a keynote speaker, to enlighten, to make backgrounds more understandable and to tell in an unembellished way what gruesome faces war can have.

Before becoming a war reporter, Luzia Tschirky had already reported from Moscow as a foreign correspondent and in this capacity had repeatedly traveled to neighboring areas. She used the material to produce reports for the station. She knows Russia and Ukraine well. Her lectures not only touch on a human level, but also provide deep insights into the relationship between Russia and Ukraine.

War and peace in difficult times

Her lecture topics revolve around the Ukraine war and its impact on Europe, Switzerland, specifically on war and peace in difficult times, Europe’s dependence on electricity, gas and oil and the consequences or the new world order Europe and the US versus China and Russia.

On her Instagram account this September, she wrote: “It’s one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I’m letting go of my reporting area, Ukraine and Russia, as a correspondent to take a deeper look at it and to work through the situation in a new way – in greater breadth and depth. That seems necessary to me.”

Below this post, comments line up that show great sympathy for Luzia Tschirky. Along with many responses in which people thank her for her courage and perseverance, in which they write that she will be missed, this one perhaps best express how Ms. Luzia Tschirky is perceived and what drives her: “I very, very rarely do something like this… but today it has to be: you are a great woman, a role model with incredible courage. My husband and I always admire her work very much. It’s sad that so many people – you and your family included – have been hit so hard! And nothing is the same anymore! Life is (sometimes unfortunately) a bag of surprises and so we hope that the book will also help them to process, to stay positive and to go into the future with the usual momentum and to experience many beautiful moments. We will stay on their side and wait for their book! They can be proud of their work, which brought us closer to the people but also to the everyday horror of the war of aggression. They did a fantastic job. Good luck with their project and all the love.”

Luzia Tschirky – Full-blooded journalist with courage for truth and heart

Luzia Tschirky is a full-blooded journalist, hungry for the truth and driven by the desire to bring it to the public. At the same time, she has remained a human being, has suffered with the people and often speaks of how unimaginable the things are that are happening in this war and probably all wars.

Luzia Tschirky will take six months to classify and come to terms with her experiences. In April of this year, she also became a mother. She describes this experience as unique and comparable to nothing else. Certainly, her decision also has to do with this turning point in life. „Since then, nothing has been the same,” she writes on Instagram.

For all those who would like to experience Luzia Tschirky not only in the living room on the screen, now is the perhaps unique opportunity to meet this special woman in person when she describes her experiences in her moving keynotes.

Don’t miss this opportunity. You may never get this close to her again.

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Luzia Tschirky

Swiss television journalist & SRF correspondent, author