Oliver Kahn – Winning in Sports – Becoming a Champion.

23. April 2015 – Cathrin Jacob

In every cliché lies a little truth, probably also in the one that footballers and subtlety do not necessarily go together. In my memory Oliver Kahn was never been a person of subtle and philosophical utterances, but rather of martial gestures and impetuousness. The Germans’ favorite sport is not for wimps and Kahn has always been the personified proof. Not everyone survives in this world, especially if he shows weakness. OliverKahn did have his lows. However, his ability to – quote – “keep going, and going”, his determination and his stamina, not only in a sports, have earned him great respect.

In his lectures he talks about his experiences in professional sports and draws parallels to his own very successful entrepreneurship, which may serve as a model. In both fields, Kahn states, one is exposed to immense pressure. He explains to his audience what he took from the world of sports and what strategies are still helpful to him as an entrepreneur today. He does that without giving instructions, but simply by sharing his experiences. The “Philosophy of number 1” is a lecture, in which one can not only learn something. It also proves why Oliver Kahn is in many ways an exception to the rule. Have we piqued your curiosity? OK then!

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Oliver Kahn

Founder & Board of Directors of the Oliver Kahn Foundation