Oliver Stoldt meets musician Patricia Kelly in Hanover

06. December 2023 – Oliver Stoldt

Patricia Kelly and I arranged to meet in Hanover. We at Premium Speakers had engaged her for the “Seconds to Wow” and the “Location Award 2023” events for our customer and partner fiylo, so we took the time for cosy chats throughout the event.

But how did we meet in the first place? Patricia was with the Kelly Family at a concert in Zurich’s Hallenstadion shortly before Christmas 2022. After the concert, I was backstage with Joey Kelly when Piero, Patricia’s manager, walked past me. We were introduced to each other and so the discussions began to position Patricia Kelly as a speaker.

No sooner said than done. Patricia got a place on my platform, the speaker agency Premium Speakers, and shortly afterwards the first booking materialised. WOW, what feedback after the event: brilliant staging, authentic, emotional, entertaining and what captivating storytelling. The participants were enthusiastic and Patricia Kelly’s start as a speaker was a success.

We then had plenty of time in Hanover to tell each other our life stories. I still get goosebumps when I think about Patricia’s story and the challenges of the Kelly Family. A strong woman who not only worked determinedly on the Kelly’s career, but also kept the family together, survived illness (breast cancer) and ran a marathon a few months later after hospitalisation and chemotherapy. At the same time, she started a family with her husband Denis and raised two children.

The appearance in Hanover was a secret, only the organisers knew that Patricia was there as a “special guest”, the participants did not. And when Patricia ran from the back of the hall towards the stage at the opening of the event and sang the Kelly super hit “An Angel”, there were standing ovations, goosebumps and a few tears of joy on the surprised faces of the participants.

Patricia later took to the stage as a speaker and told her life story. The event was a complete success and the participants and organisers were overjoyed.

Patricia Kelly and I are very much looking forward to continuing to work together. I am infinitely grateful to be able to work with such a personality and such a great person.