Online keynotes in the event industry.

25. March 2021 – Oliver Stoldt

Online keynotes offer more than just an alternative to previous event formats. Online keynotes for the event industry – digital lecture formats are on the rise.

Virtual events are currently experiencing immense growth. If you still want to reach your audience and communicate your message due to a canceled event, use the technological possibilities of our time!

Because digital events are more than just a stopgap. In the future, online presentations will shape the image of the event industry even more. We will show you the advantages of the numerous formats and the hurdles that need to be overcome in order to implement them.

What are online keynotes?

An online lecture is part of a virtual event. Speakers participate via the Internet, for example at a conference, and are connected to the audience in this way. Of course, an online lecture is not like a traditional speaker lecture. Nevertheless, there are advantages and the transfer of know-how is guaranteed.

Advantages of digital lectures.

Saving of resources: If you do without the analog event, you save in other corners. Printing costs for documents and their disposal do not have to be considered, as documents are available digitally. Travel, accommodation and catering costs are also not incurred. Meeting rooms don’t need to be booked either, and most importantly, you save time!

Increased reach: With an event, you can reach many more people at the same time. In addition, online presentations are real lead magnets. This can increase the reach even more.

Measurability of success: Thanks to the digital format, you know exactly where you stand with your event. With the data collected, you can calculate and prove the return on investment (ROI). How many people attended? Which speaker was particularly well received? You’ll get the answers thanks to digital registrations.

Statement for the future: By switching to online lectures, you are sending a signal of openness to innovative event formats and sustainable event planning. In doing so, you will primarily reach young employees, listeners or interested parties who want to discover new things.

Disadvantages of online keynotes.

Events not for all senses: While a real event appeals to all senses – hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing and feeling – only two senses are served by an online lecture. Seeing and hearing are the only two senses that are addressed.

Declining attention and fatigue: online events sometimes seem tiring and “aren’t the same”. But with the right speaker, you can overcome this hurdle and keep your audience spellbound on screen.

Technology that can’t do everything (yet): Despite the tremendous advances in development, technology is not (yet) able to 100 percent replicate all aspects of a real-life encounter.

The future of events will be digital and hybrid.

Online keynotes are more than just an alternative to previous event formats. They are a step in the right direction – a step into the future! Flexibility, resource conservation, accessibility of target groups, technical diversity and measurability are some aspects that speak for your upcoming online lecture.

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