As an entrepreneur and speaker for Generation Z, Paul Wilhelm Prinz von Preussen focuses on the areas of digital natives & young generation, change management, digitalization & social media for executives.

Paul Wilhelm von Preussen is a company founder and direct descendant of the last German Emperor. He is passionate about fostering dialogue between generations and bringing experienced executives together with digital natives, i.e. digital native speakers, through innovative formats.

Having grown up in a traditional family, he started a wide variety of digital projects at a major German bank at an early age and became a board officer at the age of 25. He also launched his company – a platform that realizes his passion: Bringing together digital natives and leaders from a wide variety of organizations to offer new perspectives on today’s biggest (digital) challenges. Understanding and shaping the future together and across generations.

Paul Wilhelm von Preussen lecture topics

1. Digital Natives & New Leadership

Leading Digital Natives – Understanding Generations Z and Y better and lead them:

  • How do I learn from and with the younger generations?
  • What kind of interaction is promising and harmonious?
  • Numerous insights, approaches & examples.

Also: Presentation of innovative formats such as reverse mentoring. Why a Gen-Z mentor should be a MUST HAVE for every executive and what positive influence this mentor on the future of the company.

2. Trends & Tools of Generation Z

Gen-Z & Young Generation Trends:

  • What makes the new generation tick?
  • What digital tools and channels does it use (and how) and why do they play such a big role?

Better understand the future generations (as customers and employees). Understand, new tools and products, concrete approaches for me or my organization.

3. Social Media for Executives

  • The Social “CEO” – No executive can do without the potential of social media: Why social media know-how will be a hiring criterion for board members and top executives in the future and how the company will benefit from it.
  • Corporate influencers – employees as brand ambassadors and/or social selling: strengthening the company from within – best practices for selecting, building profiles, online activity and activating/managing employees as corporate influencers.

Tradition meets future

How do you handle it when tradition and the future collide? How do you support this change so that both sides benefit? On these and other topics, Paul Wilhelm von Preussen, who has worked for years with corporate executives as a board advisor and is himself both a digital native and an executive, will provide fascinating insights on these and other topics.

True to the motto: “It’s better to learn a foreign language from a native speaker than from someone who took a language course 10 years ago.»