Dr. Annika von Mutius is Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Empion, a Berlin-based HR tech startup that uses an AI-based headhunting system to match applicants and companies based on skills, values and personality traits.

Annika von Mutius studied at WHU and in Paris and received her PhD on individualization models in mathematics. She worked for a robotics startup in Silicon Valley before starting her own company. Annika was recently named to the “Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe” list in the technology category.

Because of her passion for research, she regularly publishes on Artificial Intelligence in the Human Ressources market and speaks on the topic at most relevant HR conferences.

Annika von Mutius lecture topics

  • Artificial Intelligence – Recruiting’s greatest opportunity?
  • Europe – Technologically Competitive?
  • Is Artificial Intelligence worth the hype? A realistic elaboration
  • Value-based sourcing as the future of recruiting?
  • Why traditional values and innovative technologies should not be mutually exclusive?
  • Collaboration between startups, enterprises and medium-sized companies
  • Fundraising and different funding strategies for startups

Annika von Mutius is not only a strong personality with a great vision for the future in recruiting, but as a female founder with a math background, she is already a role model for many. She is on fire for the HR market, but especially for the use of artificial intelligence and the development of relevant technologies in Europe.

Dr. Annika von Mutius wants to pass on her profound know-how to make AI not only tangible and understandable, but to recognize it for what it is – the greatest opportunity of our century.

Oliver Stoldt' opinion on Annika von Mutius
Annika von Mutius is a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence for recruiting. In her presentations and talks, she shows how the latest technologies increase efficiency, simplify sourcing and increase the hit rate. Book Annika von Mutius for keynotes and panel discussions with Premium Speakers.