Peter Lüder: What we can learn from actors for professional appearance

06. December 2021 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Being an actor is something many people dream of. Peter Lüder has become such a person, one who was passionate about the stage. Theater is, and remains, his passion, both as an actor and as a director. In the meantime, he has added his work as a coach and speaker, because Peter Lüder is passionate about inspiring people: inspire about something, but above all about oneself in order to be successful and authentic.

Peter Lüder – The art of lecturing

He lectures on the art of shining on stage as a solo entertainer as this is what it takes as a Premium Speaker.

“If we want to put on a good performance in the theater, three people have to get along: Author, Director and the Actor. As a speaker, you have to combine all three functions in one person. That is the art, that is your role.”

Peter Lüder wants to help people be authentic, because, just like in the theater: “The person in the role shapes the role. You as a person contribute significantly to how you fill the role as a speaker on stage.” To do this, you need a clear understanding of yourself – only then you succeed in slipping into a role, as the saying goes.

Recognized throughout Germany as an expert for professional appearance

Peter Lüder is a Germany-wide recognized expert for professional appearance. In an unagitated and tangible way, he shows his listeners how to make a captivating appearance. He likes to use one of his idols: Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Sea”. One of his lectures is actually called “How would Johnny Depp present? – What you can learn from actors for your performance”. With humor and a lot of empathy, he explains charmingly and unobtrusively what our daily life and how we master it has to do with the stage, why we can learn so many things from actors and how to appear credible. He clearly focuses on the individuality of each person, because everyone takes a unique path to appear convincing. He describes his goal as “rhetoric as theater knowledge from practice for practice.”

Because Peter Lüder had a very serious car accident in 2007 and only barely survived with serious injuries, he had to rethink his life and get it back on track. From these experiences, which in retrospect have strengthened him in his being, he has developed his moving lecture “Accept or change!”. In it, he describes how it is possible to lead a happy and successful life despite, and maybe even in the face of what at first seem to be adverse circumstances. Happiness, we spoil is a little bit, lies within. For this realization, you need a good knowledge of yourself. That’s where it starts. And everything else – you will learn in Peter Lüder’s enlightening lectures.

Peter Lüder

Expert for Personality Development