Ranga Yogeshwar: Emil’s World – Life in the 22nd Century

17. August 2022 – Oliver Stoldt

Emil’s World – Life in the 22nd Century

Ranga Yogeshwar’s grandson Emil was born in January 2020 and the chances are good that he will experience the 22nd century. This means that the future is taking shape. What kind of world will Emil live in? His generation is growing up with all kinds of new things that are taken for granted: talking devices, communication with robots, artificial intelligence, a new medicine, but also changes in social interaction.

Already in the context of Corona, the changes in the world of work – home office – or in the area of shopping – online commerce – are revealed. In the larger context, we are witnessing an epochal change: from climate change to dwindling biodiversity, from resource consumption to a consumer-driven view of humanity, a rethinking towards more sustainability is beginning.

How will future generations grow up?

So Emil’s world is different from the “business as usual” of the current generation. Emil’s world is the result of a global transformation and, it is hoped, his world will be a better one in the end!

Ranga Yogeshwar, science journalist and author, talks about the digital transformation, new development potentials, new ways of imparting knowledge and dares to look into the future.

Ranga Yogeshwar

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