Sarik Weber: The AI and digital pioneer who unagitatedly helps shape the future

28. August 2023 – Katharina Schlangenotto

For some time now, Sarik Weber has discovered a new side on himself. More and more often, he can be seen on the other side of the microphone. More and more often, he interviews other sought-after and respected pioneers in their fields. He wants to know how they see the world and the way we will live.

It’s certainly safe to say about one thing about the AI expert: he for sure came into this world with a large dose of curiosity. Sarik Weber belongs to Generation X, which is known to be able to build a kind of bridge between generations. He still knows the world without digitization. He has experienced its beginnings, he has witnessed the change and ultimately helped develop it as a digital entrepreneur and established it in companies. Without a doubt, Sarik Weber is one of those who know how it’s done.

Sarik Weber: 25 years as a digital expert – and not a bit bored

He has been a serial founder and investor in the digital economy for 25 years, sits on the management boards of eprofessional, XING (New Work SE), Hanse Ventures and Ottobock, and is an active member of the supervisory board of Groundlake Partners AG in Zurich. Sarik Weber has and still contributes significantly to the success of these companies.

Sarik Weber asks questions that need forward-looking answers:

  • How are the latest technological developments to be brought together?
  • What might the future of knowledge work and manual work look like in the context of technological developments, especially AI?
  • What roles do innovations and technologies play?
  • How are learning and teaching changing and what new business models do these developments entail?
  • What are the necessary future competencies in the course of the aforementioned questions?

Digital transformation in SMEs – absolutely possible and necessary!

He is also happy to address Germany’s growth engine, the good old SME sector, where digital transformation does not yet seem to have really arrived in some cases. Many entrepreneurs simply lack the time and the necessary know-how to deal with the all-important topic of digital transformation.

As an expert in his field, Sarik Weber can provide wonderful assistance here. In one of his exciting presentations, he explains how medium-sized businesses can take advantage of digital transformation and how some medium-sized businesses can become digital champions without too much effort.

The obvious implementation: Sarik Weber is not only a speaker and holds workshops, but also accompanies companies in their transformation. From practice for practice – solution- & success-oriented.

Sarik Weber explains in an understandable and tangible way how companies can use the challenge of digital transformation for themselves. He speaks of a kind of revolution – but one that must take place not only in the field of digitizing processes, but above all in the minds of the people who work in the companies.

The switch to digital processes requires not only financial investments, but also cultural changes within the company. Resistance to change inevitably leads to points of friction, which can jeopardize the success of the transformation.

Nothing works without a clear strategy – and open communication

Nothing ever works without strategy, says expert Sarik Weber clearly. A transformation process, basically regardless of whether it is a digital one or other “change,” always needs a clear vision and plan.

It is never just a matter of introducing new technological processes; it is particularly important to involve employees and give them the necessary skills. If you don’t manage to create a corresponding corporate culture that is open to change, you will never be successful. This involves key words such as transparent communication, further training and trust.

Digital transformation in companies, Sarik Weber likes to encourage, can become an exciting adventure in which extreme opportunities for success lie. It is up to the companies themselves how they shape this journey and which direction they take. With Sarik Weber’s expertise, they can take advantage of the opportunities, directly factor in potential risks, and prepare for a promising future.

Because one thing is clear: we simply can’t get around AI and digital transformation anymore. If you’d like to see “Digital Pioneer” Sarik Weber in action as a flying reporter, be sure to check out his LinkedIn channel. And then – book him as your next Premium Speaker. Because it will be worth it.

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Sarik Weber

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