Sarik Weber is a digital pioneer and has been active in the digital economy for 25 years as a serial founder and investor. He has contributed significantly to the success of eprofessional, XING (New Work SE), Hanse Ventures and Ottobock as a founder, partner or member of the executive board. At Groundlake Partners AG in Zurich, he is an active member of the supervisory board. Sarik Weber has extensive expertise in the field of digital business models and in designing, building and integrating start-ups. His high reputation is based on up-to-date knowledge and many years of experience as a digital entrepreneur.

Sarik Weber Lecture Topics

  • Digital transformation of companies: How does digitalization really work
  • Change of perspective: from analog to digital – strategic business models re-thought
  • Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: The new era of technologies.
  • Focus: Future. Our life 2050 – What roles do innovations & technology play?
  • The future is here: how generative AI is reshaping the world
  • Industry 4.0: How man and machine are merging
  • Digital transformation: How medium-sized companies can become digital champions
  • Why a chat bot has no hands – and how we can work faster, more effectively and more creatively?

How are the latest technological developments to be brought together? What might the future of knowledge work and manual work look like in the context of technological developments, especially AI? What roles do innovations and technologies play? How are learning and teaching changing and what new business models do these developments entail? In the wake of the above question, what are necessary future competencies? In his presentations, digital expert Sarik Weber shows how business models need to be rethought and implemented.

Sarik Weber: Technology transfer and startups – What will the platform economy of tomorrow’s startups look like?

As an international keynote speaker and trusted advisor, he gives scale-ups, entrepreneurs and corporates eye-opening impulses for the optimal implementation of generative AI and carries out holistic digital transformation strategies.

Sarik Weber is also a member of Artaxo’s supervisory board. He holds a master’s degree in business administration and studied at the European Business in Osnabrück, Germany, at the Universidad de Deusto San Sebastián, Spain, and at Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education in London.