Svenja Mennerich – the “5 Premium Speakers Questions”

31. May 2024 – Mandy Weinand

At the age of 25, Svenja Mennerich took over responsibility for several portfolios in the international pharmaceutical industry as Global Business Manager at a global corporation in Zurich. At the age of 30, she was Senior Manager of an organisation with over 200 employees.

Five years later, she was appointed as the world’s youngest Director of Operational Performance & Improvement at an international travel group.

In 2019, she also set up her own business as a leadership & performance coach and speaker and has been training as a psychotherapist (HP) since 2020.

In her career to date, Svenja Mennerich has not only learnt how to become and remain successful, but above all what prevents people from being successful and developing their full potential. She has learnt what it means to get back up when you stumble on the career ladder.

  • How do we deal with technological progress?
  • How can we turn this rapid change to our advantage?
  • And how do we promote human progress at the same time?

In her talks and workshops, she therefore focuses on the topics of meaningfulness, change, change processes and developing potential in relation to what we do and how we do it.

Svenja Mennerich in an interview:

1. What are the core subjects of your keynote speeches?

Svenja Mennerich:

My lectures are about the influence of technological transformation and the associated global challenges in relation to the complexity of changes that we are increasingly confronted with in our society. I am talking about the development of human competence and how coaching, mindfulness and transformative leadership help us to succeed.

Through activation of self-determined thinking and value-oriented actions, we deal with changes more calmly and develop our human potential with joy and openness to the new experience.

Next to technological progress, we need human progress as well – I’ll show you how we can do that.

2. Which audiance or which branch do you reach with your speech?

Svenja Mennerich:

All people and organizations that are confronted with change, diversity and increasing stress and want to learn how to deal with those challenges in a productive and empowering way.

Managers and Leaders who want to lead their teams safely through the jungle of change and people who not only want to know their individual potential but want to experience and live it.

3. Are you a PREMIUM SPEAKER? Where do you get your insights from?

Svenja Mennerich:

Passion, expertise and limitless curiosity about life and how to live it to the fullest.

4. What will be in the future? Does «time» play an important role in your work?

Svenja Mennerich:

Nothing is more constant than change. My speeches are specialized about the topics of the future that are already shaping out present.

5. Tell us your life motto? What do you want to give your listeners to take with them?

Svenja Mennerich:

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited about what could go right.”

Svenja Mennerich

Coach, mindfulness trainer, business psychologist and expert for change management and new work