Coach, mindfulness trainer, business psychologist and expert for change management and new work

Svenja Mennerich is an expert in the fields of positive psychology and business psychology. Her passion and expertise lie in promoting humanity in the workplace and strengthening mental health.

Industry 4.0 is contributing to an epochal change. Likewise Corona. By networking the entire socio-technical system and artificial intelligence, in which machines, people and processes are connected and information is exchanged in real time, we are in the midst of a transformation that will enable us to experience a complexity of innovations and options in almost all areas of life that have never been seen before on this scale.

Svenja Mennerich: Futureproofing the Workplace – Leadership through Humanity: Compassionate Leadership

Svenja Mennerich has developed a scientific concept for managers in which companies not only become more efficient, but also more human. In her lectures and workshops, she shares valuable experiences and practical strategies and interventions from research into positive psychology and successful implementation in the workplace.

As a pioneer of positive psychology and Director of Performance and Employee Experience at American Express, Svenja Mennerich knows the challenges of today in the area of employee management and how companies can successfully position themselves for the future.

But how do we deal with this? How can we make the most of this rapid change?

Coaching, resilience through mindfulness and transformative leadership as well as increasing emotional intelligence are the keys to self-development and productive work within teams and organizations.

Svenja Mennerich Lecture topics

  • Change & Transformation – The New Normal

Acceptance, focus and communication are the milestones that accompany us step by step, out of the comfort zone and onto new paths. Change is on the agenda – The New Normal. For most people, however, unwanted change is an enormous challenge. How often do we find ourselves confronted with situations that unsettle us and sap our strength? Situations that we don’t always understand and don’t always think are good.

  • Empowerment, development of potential & feedback management

These are the keys to self-development and productive work within teams and organizations. Many female attributes lead current leadership concepts, such as transformational and mindful leadership. But are women really better leaders than men? Leadership starts with leading ourselves. With clarity about our values, our strengths and visions, but also about our insecurities and hurts, we change positively in our personal actions and impact on the outside world. Authenticity and successful leadership interact positively with each other.

  • The Power of Mindfulness – Resilience & Mindfulness in the workplace

If you enter the term mindfulness into Google, you now get over 120 million hits. Where does this megatrend come from? Is it even a megatrend and can anyone really do mindfulness? Mindfulness, as the term is translated into German, is now an integral part of the corporate world of sustainable companies. Mindfulness is not just a megatrend, but a real game changer that global corporations such as Goldman Sachs, Google and Salesforce are already taking advantage of. Based on the latest neuroscientific findings, Svenja Mennerich shows you how you too can benefit from this in the long term.

  • Mental health & psychological safety in the team

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance and gain a competitive edge. An often overlooked, yet crucial factor for success is psychological safety in the workplace. But what exactly is behind this term and why is it of such immense importance to companies? Psychological safety in the workplace describes the assurance employees have that they can express their opinions, ideas and concerns without fear of negative consequences or judgment: It is an environment where openness and trust are the norm. The importance of psychological safety extends far beyond the emotional health of employees. It has a direct impact on the quality of work, teamwork and the innovative strength of a company. In organizations where psychological safety is firmly anchored, employees feel encouraged to take risks, share ideas and develop creative solutions that drive the company forward.

Svenja Mennerich: “Stop thinking about what could go wrong and start thinking about what could go right”.

This is exactly what Svenja Mennerich’s lectures and workshops are all about. It’s about developing human competence and making sense of what we do and how we do it.

It is about the rapid change we are all experiencing, how we can deal with change more effortlessly and at the same time focus on the development of each person’s potential in order to specifically promote human progress alongside technical progress.

Svenja Mennerich has been researching the connection between mindfulness and performance in the workplace since 2015.

Authenticity and successful leadership interact positively with each other. Strengthening our own self not only increases our own performance, but also the performance of our teams and organizations.

With a humorous take on classic stereotypes, we will look at what all genders can possibly learn from each other and how empathy, appreciation and communication can help us to do so.

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