Tennis legend Boris Becker – Top Athlete with a lot of life eperience

27. August 2019 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Boris Becker’s magic on the court was like a pull on the Germans, suddenly everyone wanted to play tennis and  be “just like Boris Becker”. What he did was no coincidence. His young life has revolved around tennis since he can think. The tennis circus became his home and his life was wrapped around training, halls, center courts and traveling around the world. Ever since his outstanding success at Wimbledon in 1985, Boris Becker turned into a public figure. He was 17 years old at the time. Probably every German remembers where he*she followed the finale of Wimbledon.

The success ushered in a new phase of life for Boris Becker which in fact, should never end again.

His life made a u-turn. Suddenly he, the red-haired boy from Leimen, a small village in Germany, stood in the spotlight. “Bumm Bumm Boris” was supposed to give interviews as well as to make a good figure not only on the tennis court. The world admired him on the one hand, on the other hand, they made fun of him, of his dialect, his famous “Aääähm” and his appearance as such. That was no fun for Boris Becker.

The success brought enormous pressure. Winning meant admiration and recognition whereas losing meant bashing and, not infrequently on a  personal basis. Boris Becker, the acclaimed tennis legend on the one hand, and the scolded boy and man on the other. How does one stand it?

What he went through affects many athletes and, among other things, it is his concern today to talk about his experiences as a grown man. He knows that failure can lead to far greater success and that it is part of life.

Boris Becker knows how motivation works, he knows what it means to keep his nerve. He went through moments of greatest tension when he was all alone on the centre court, when no one believed in him and his abilities escept for himself.

Today, Boris Becker is not only a great asset as a tennis commentator on German and English television, but also as a top-speaker who shares his experiences with a wide audience. In his rousing lectures he talks about ball sports, about motivation and success as well as about being a sports coach.

Boris Becker’s charisma is not based on theory, but on life experience that he has gained both in the rough world of tennis as in real life as a private person and as an entrepreneur. His charm is based on a modesty that he has maintained despite his success and prominence. Boris Becker is a great leader and team player and foremost real. To see him on stage as a top speaker is a gift.

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Boris Becker

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