Theresa Schleicher – Future Study Retail 2024

30. November 2023 – Oliver Stoldt

Theresa Schleicher – Future Study Retail 2024: The key trends for the sustainable retail of the future 2024.

What if the principles of success no longer apply in the retail of the future? When sales and expansion no longer define growth? When it fundamentally changes our region? And customers see less as the big MORE in the future? There is no greater rethink in retail than the coming sustainable age. Do you know that moment when you can almost physically feel that something is turning?

That the knot is finally loosening and everything is starting to flow, that the hardships and investments we have had to make in retail in recent years are slowly paying off and something new is opening up. A new role in retail, a new understanding, a rethink of the purely customer-oriented approach – simply because customers are just as overwhelmed today as many players in the economy are.

The Retail 2024 future study reports on the key trends and developments that have emerged from and during the crisis years, on shared values that are gaining ground in our society, consumerism in times of awareness and paths to regenerative retail.

As a keynote speaker, retail expert Theresa Schleicher will shed light on retail in the context of technology, neo-ecology and changing consumer behavior.

The new study by renowned retail futurologist Theresa Schleicher and Janine Seitz reveals the key trends in retail in 2024.

  • 130 pages of trends and future research
  • Survey of 2,000 customers in Germany and Austria
  • New surveys and findings on agribusiness, AI and blockchain from Thünen Institute, Fraunhofer Institute, DFKI, Royal Institute of Technology Sweden

The key trends for sustainable retail in the future 2024

  • Regenerative business models – more give than take
  • Sustainable subscriptions – the subscription models of retail
  • Zero waste design – the renaissance of the unpackaged
  • The new regional – the innovative diversity of the region
  • Om:line Commerce – decelerated e-commerce
  • Sustainable AI – the sustainable intelligence of 2030

The study also provides an outlook on food retail in 2030.

As a strategy consultant in the retail sector, Theresa Schleicher has been advising companies ranging from automotive to FMCG clients on the communicative and entrepreneurial challenges in the retail sector for many years.

She has been a freelance author and speaker at the Zukunftsinstitut since 2013. Her practical experience on the front line and the associated confrontation with specific questions – such as “What is actually happening beyond the major retail metropolises?” or “How can I survive as a brick-and-mortar retailer in digital times?” or “How can I manage to be successful when more and more cross-sector competitors are emerging?” – provide her with inspiration and drive for her future research.

On stage, Theresa Schleicher pleads for more digital openness, faster action and future-oriented thinking. After all, despite all the challenges, the retail world has never been so versatile and individually so full of opportunities.

As an investor in new, innovative retail start-ups, she focuses on economic resilience in fast-moving markets and technological progress for more ecologically and economically sustainable retail.

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Theresa Schleicher

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