USA expert Josef Braml: The new world in the White House

29. January 2021 – Katharina Schlangenotto

The German newspaper “Handelsblatt” calls Josef Braml one of the greatest experts on the USA, without lapsing into constant criticism. Braml speaks a clear language that leaves no room for excuses. Because he understands the decisive forces in the power structure of American business and politics so well, his prognosis about the future of the USA sounds anything but rosy, but, certainly regrettably, painfully realistic.

Josef Braml is part of U.S. think tanks, an advisor to the World Bank, and a legislative aide in the U.S. House of Representatives. In his respected publications and lectures, he brings clarity to U.S. political, economic and cultural sensitivities and their impact on the world.

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In a recent interview with the German trade magazine “Horizont”, he spoke about “The New World in the White House.” In it, he explains that, in his view, even the critical media in the U.S. have been fooled with Trump’s “fake news strategy.” Braml: “They (the critical media; editor’s note) call themselves “watchdogs of democracy” but have jumped after every Twitter stick Trump threw. In doing so, Trump has distracted them. And while this distraction was going on, he was radically dismantling the state in the background – in the interests of the wealthy, who don’t want there to be a regulating and taxing state. That’s how it works at children’s birthday parties: the clown comes into play when the scenery is shifted in the background because the children are not supposed to notice. That’s why the American media didn’t have a clue about what was really happening for a long time. There was a lot of arrogance and ignorance involved.”

With the new President Joe Biden, Josef Braml suspects, it will become “much more boring for the media, the spectacle is over.”

Asked about the future development of America’s international relations, Josef Braml believes: “(…) It is becoming apparent that the fight with China will intensify. Here Biden will continue to follow the Trump line. China is in the process of becoming a great power and makes no secret of its confrontational strategy. This applies to the military side, but also to the technology critical to future military and economic dominance – think 5G/Huawei and Artificial Intelligence. The battle for global political dominance is in full swing, the world is once again dividing into two blocs. And Germany will have to show its colors. Biden, for example, will insist on doing without Huawei’s 5-G technology and buying less gas from Russia and more so-called Freedom Gas from the United States.”

Now we will have to see what actually happens next. After the latest events in the USA, it should remain exciting. Josef Braml in an interview with the German news TV station Tagesschau: “Not everythink was good before Trump and will not be good again so quickly after Trump, because he has made the situation even worse. There are 74 million U.S. citizens who reelected Trump despite his four years of chaotic administration. That’s got to be a concern.”

Let’s hope for the best. With all realism. If you would like to book top speaker and USA expert Josef Braml, contact us. He speaks in German and English about America, the stock market, energy and mobility, Europe, global trends as well as futurologists and think tanks.

Josef Braml

Expert on the USA, Geopolitics & Geo-Economics