Victor Meier loves the thrill of something new – Innovator without a Plan B

29. August 2017 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Not toolong ago, he would stay in Hostels when he went on business trips. Not to becool, but because he really didn’t have the money for anything nicer. Four yearsago, he established his company Glice®,the manifestation of a “paperless office”, without a workplace, digital nomadall over the world. This company makes money with something, naturally, alittle crazy: it produces synthetic iceskating rinks – that even work in the dessert.

Dreaming of ice skating in the dessert

His SpanishPartner, Toni Vera, originally had the idea. He wanted to become a professionalIce hockey player; not a mundane wish in Spain and definitely not on hisfather’s agenda. He wanted his son to study something respectable, like engineering. So Toni Vera did, and played semiprofessional Ice hockey on theside. After a second major in Sports Science, he started working for the Spanish Ice Hockey Association and also began experimenting with synthetic ice.

VictorMeier saw a documentary about him on BBC and was ’instantly fired up.” Theyspoke, met a few times, and the rest is recent history.

Glice® is no cookie-cutter company. “Wemake sure that we work and network with people that are more qualified thanus,” he says, and adds that a certain amount of humility is needed for that.You need to be wiling to learn from each other.

If we open our eyes, all the resources areavailable to make the best of everything

Not so easyin a society characterized by perfectionism: you only present a finished,perfect product. But Victor Meier thinks that that doesn’t work anymore. If youbrood by yourself, you might be missingout on the most important information: What do your clients want, or the users?What should a product look like, according to them? Victor Meier says, “If weopen our eyes, we can see that all the resources are available to make the verybest of everything!”

Herecommends moving with the times, and doesn’t even think that it’s particularlyhard. Goals can also be reached by small steps, as long as a company,especially every single staff member is ready to admit and address a lack ofskills and are willing to outsource.

Digital Technology enables a whole new kind ofcollaboration

His twomost important insights are: “I’m fascinated with digital technology. Itenables new possibilities of collaboration: everyone can work where and whenthey want to. Results are important, not attendance. But I have found that notall employees can and/or want to work this way.” And the second most importantthing is that good ideas and only grow to fruition if there is someone at thewheel that channels the work in the right direction. For his company Glice®, a cloud was configured, with different forumsfor different subjects and ideas. Everyone should be a part of new ideas andoffer their opinions. He encourages employers to be daring and include evryoneinstead of holding fast to a hierarchical structure. One of hisfavorite quotes is by Sam Cawthorn: “The happiest people are not the ones whohave the best of everything, they just make the best of everything!”

VictorMeier is living innovation, he inspires, pushes and is never mainstream; hebubbles over with ideas and does his own thing with a great amount of passion.

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