TV-Host, Expert on nutrition, health, life without industrial sugar

Leandra Fili is a German/Italian TV presenter, keynote speaker, radio reporter and speaker, and actress.

In the #1 podcast for your sugar free life, “Sugar-free starts in the head – get out of the sugar matrix”, Leandra Fili shows how industrial sugar affects the body and health. But above all, how the consumption of industrial sugar befuddles our concentration, emotional stability, mental clarity and access to our intuition, as well as our energy levels. She shares this knowledge as a keynote speaker in talks for companies, executives and businesses at congresses and events.

“Sharing knowledge, investigating and inspiring: These are my biggest drivers.”

Leandra Fili speaking topics

  • Sugar-free for entrepreneurs and executives: less sugar – more performance.
  • Sugar-free starts in the mind. Living sugar-consciously and coming into your full potential.
  • Supermarket strategies – tips for conscious nutrition
  • Away from sugar, towards success – your food, your potential
  • From the dopamine party to clear thinking – nutrition as a success booster
  • Good food – strong people: How our diet defines who we are

Since starting her B.A. degree in Communication Sciences at the University of Cologne, Leandra Fili, who is half-Italian, has been driven by the desire to “understand things”. She has always been fascinated by exploring how communication and people work. After graduating from high school, she therefore decided to study media and communication sciences at the University of Cologne.

At the same time, she went to drama school and even landed a role in a popular early evening series. She is also training as a dubbing artist and TV presenter. Lifelong learning and personal growth are not just principles for Leandra, but a life motto. She realised early on how much certain foods affect our bodies. But her interest went even deeper – she realised that our mindset, our spirit, is also influenced by food. This led her to intensively study the effect of food on people.

Today, Leandra Fili is a versatile personality: recognised voice actress, sought-after actress in Italy and Germany, charming presenter, TV food expert and the driving force behind the #1 podcast “Zuckerfrei beginnt im Kopf”. In her talks, she inspires with her accessible, charismatic manner. She combines in-depth specialist knowledge with a pinch of humour and a completely undogmatic approach. Her inspiring manner is not only thought-provoking, but also invites you to rediscover the world of nutrition and personal well-being.

Leandra Fili dedicates herself on various stages, whether on television, in the radio studio or as a keynote speaker, lecturer and moderator, to central themes: the well-being of the human being, both on a psychological and physical level, which are inextricably linked, as well as aspects of culture and society. Her goal is to package these complex issues into understandable messages, to inspire, excite and motivate people to look at their own lives and possibilities in a new light. That’s what Leandra goes out to do.

Leandra Fili is spontaneous, engaging and warm. She is looking forward to your request as a keynote speaker or moderator for events, business talks, conferences, galas, congresses, product presentations, press conferences and trade fair appearances.