Torsten Wille: You can’t sell

About Torsten: This isn’t an unexpected statement from someone who earns a livelihood with trainings and presentations on selling: “Selling is always.” And for the consummate salesperson Torsten Wille, it isn’t simply a statement but also a mission.

His presentations and trainings inspire people who have so far reacted to the topic with discomfort, unease or rejection. His way with words allows him to quickly and easily explain the fundamental principles of the “oldest trade in the world”, which – he says tongue-in-cheek – is even older than the other “oldest trade in the world”.

Torsten Wille is a speaker and author on selling and has almost 20 years of management and sales under his belt. As Head of POS Activation at one of the market leaders for retail sales performance, he not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. He recounts his daily, hands-on experience and explains how every employee in a company can become a good salesperson, or how you and your sales team can get to grips with the devious and ubiquitous algorithms lurking behind the scenes in the business environment.

Less “new developments in brain research” and more a courageous plea for straightforward person-to-person selling. Against complex sales processes and for those who suddenly realize that selling is fun.

Presentations and Topics

Selling for non-sellers – how to come out top in the competition of ideas.

You can deny it but the fact is: you are a salesperson. On every day of your life. ’Selling’ is not merely transferring the ownership of an object against payment. ’Selling’ is also talking to, convincing, dealing with people, starting a business or inspiring somebody with your idea.

And if that’s so – what percentage of their working hours do your employees (and you!) spend selling? 30%? 50%? 70%? And how many great ideas failed because they couldn’t be sold? And how much tripe has been decided because someone was successful in selling it? If you feel that everyone in your company should be able to sell, then this presentation is the right place to start. Torsten Wille has an entertaining and relaxed way of inspiring people for whom ’selling’ is a controversial topic – whether through discomfort, fear or rejection. Because the ability to sell, negotiate, convince and gain approval is not a ’nice-to-have’. It’s a core 21st century skill.

Suitable for: Anyone who does not have ’salesperson’ on their business card, but whose daily work revolves around talking to, convincing and dealing with other people, stimulating the exchange of goods and services, starting a business or finding associates to implement a great idea.

Product storytelling – inspiring others for your product.

“No one, absolutely no one, needs a salesperson who gives out unstructured information. Machines can do that better. And cheaper.” The first Pixar movie TOY STORY is based on the assumption that products – in this case toys – have a soul. They want to be used for their intended purpose; they want to be played with. The PRODUCT STORYTELLING presentation revolves around this Pixar idea. Because if products are more than just plastic, screws and bit of junk and do have a soul and a background story, they want it to be told by competent salespeople: structured and with emotions.

In PRODUCT STORYTELLING, the seller learns how great stories work and how he or she can break them down into a simple structure – with the aim of transferring this structure to own products and services. To not only inspire customers with riveting product stories, but also make a real difference in the market and in comparison with online suppliers.

Suitable for: Sellers of products and services that need explanation / sellers who are in tough competition with online suppliers / self-employed people and start-up companies who want to win customers and investors / sales organizations wishing to adapt their sales processes to changing consumer behaviour.