Alain Sutter – “I love to deal with people.”

06. February 2018 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Since the beginning of the year, former professional soccer player Alain Sutter has also been the new sports director of the Swiss soccer club FC St. Gallen. Previously, Sutter had been standing in front of the TV camera for 14 years commentating and analyzing games. Now he has traded spots and, together with the team manager, is responsible for a club that has some cleaning up to do.

Full steam ahead!

It doesn’t sound like a stress-free lifestyle but Alain Sutter now knows how a fast-paced life can be made to feel easy.

In addition to his specialty topics motivation, sport, leadership and team building, of which he knows a lot as a former national player and player at FC Bayern München, it is precisely the health and stress management that is close to his heart. “At the beginning of my career I was so full of fears and worries that I couldn’t really enjoy the boy’s dream that I was allowed to live at that time.” he says.

In his very personal and refreshingly open book “Stressfrei glücklich sein” (Being happy stress free)and his equally themed lectures he looks back on his eventful, intense life. With all the rush in our everyday lives becoming normality, one needs to take pleasure in the task.

Success at any cost?

Even as a young person, at the beginning of his soccer career, Alain Sutter was interested in the change of society, which seemed to be striving for success and therefor felt increasingly stressed. As a professional soccer player, he has experienced in his own body what (success) pressure and stress mean.

“Success at any cost “, so it seemed to him, became a general guiding principle. The tragic fate of some so-called “successful people” would show that success also strings along a shadowy side: people who seem to have everything that is considered desirable still feel exhausted and somehow unhappy. Perhaps this is the proof for the old saying that money – and “success” gained by wealth – alone does not make you happy.

Living happy stress free

So how does this work, leading a happy, fulfilling life? Alain Sutter is convinced that above all it is joy and not the result, which the action should focus on to be happy without stress. Those who find joy in their activity, their task, would be automatically successful in his opinion. He also stresses that it would not be necessary to pay any price for success – on the contrary.

Nutrition as a core element

The subject of nutrition also plays a decisive role for him. Because he had to deal with “unexplained” performance lows as a professional athlete and found out that he was suffering from a gluten allergy, he pleaded for a nutrition that is appropriate for the diet. Back then he was ahead of his time and was ridiculed. Today we know how crucial food incompatibilities are for performance and well-being.

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Alain Sutter

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