Power couple Anja Förster & Peter Kreuz: The dynamite thinkers are made of!

28. March 2020 – Oliver Stoldt

What a power couple! Bestselling authors, business lateral thinkers, management thought leaders, sought-after speakers – these are just a few of the names with which they are rightly entitled. Anja Förster & Peter Kreuz are also two extremely successful entrepreneurs who have built up a small empire under their brand Anja Förster & Peter Kreuz.

“Rebels at Work” is another project of the two: Rebels at Work is a “community of courageous designers who break up encrusted structures in business and organizations and rethink leadership and cooperation.” They explain how it all came about on their website “Up to the year 2000 our life was going in circles. Anja was a manager at the management consultancy Accenture and Peter Assistant Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Our thinking and our actions were shaped by the theory and practice of normality in large corporations. As part of a research project on strategic innovation, Peter had the chance to get to know unusual people. People like Richard Branson, Nicolas Hayek, Anita Roddick and other innovators and lateral thinkers. People who question conventions and take their fate into their own hands and are not only successful, but also have a lot of fun on their way. The spark jumped over us and hasn’t let go since then. As a consequence, it was only logical that we made this passion our profession.”

Anja Förster & Peter Kreuz – The Rebels at Work

Somehow you want that, too, once you meet and listen to Anja Förster & Peter Kreuz. You also want to get started. Full of inspiration and the belief that you can do it. The confidence-inspiring thing about the two is that they have already achieved what others dream of. They are doers; entrepreneurs with every fiber of their bodies. And there are two of those bodies. Can you imagine the energy? Wham!

In their keynotes, they talk about innovations, motivation and success, change management and digital leadership. Above all, Anja and Peter give tried and tested hands-on instructions on lateral thinking and how it leads to success. They plead for barrier-free thinking and acting, for experiments and the courage to make mistakes.

For Anja Förster & Peter Kreuz, thinking differently is “not a condition, but an ongoing task.” In an interview about their book “Zündstoff für Andersdenker” (analogously translated: Dynamite for those who differently) on hugendubel.de, Anja Förster explains: “To prevent us both from getting stuck, we always surround ourselves with people who are different from ourselves. Basically, we become like the people with whom we surround ourselves. If you surround yourself with bores, you will get bored yourself. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to be challenged by people who tick differently, you will discover new sides. Different thinkers allow this friction and seek the contrast.”

Over the past two decades, Anja Förster & Peter Kreuz have given keynote speeches in over 30 countries: At management conferences, customer events, innovation days and business congresses. Get this portion of inspiration from the power couple. Thinking differently is … an ongoing task.