Kai Gondlach is one of the first scientific futurologists in Germany. In his keynotes, he primarily conveys future competence.

With exciting impulses, he transforms scientifically based theses and complex scenarios into clear messages and decision-making aids for practice in an entertaining and striking manner.

Kai Gondlach Lecture topics

  • Future – Inspiring passion for futures.
  • Artificial Intelligence – …and why humans remain irreplaceable.
  • New Work – Professions of the future and why holocracy is not a matter of inclination.
  • Education – Why we need a system revolution and what’s next.
  • Digitalization 5.0 – Sustainability, regenerative futures, AI and Industry 5.0.
  • Metaverse – Virtual futures and what comes after the hype.
  • Our World in 2050 – Geopolitics, digitalization, climate change, sustainability and work.
  • Future of your industry – Customized keynote presentations for your industry.

Kai Gondlach knows how to send his audience on an extraordinary journey into their own possible future. His contagious enthusiasm makes it easy to change one’s perspective in order to face the challenges of the future with the necessary knowledge in a strengthened and positive way from now on.

After all, “Those who know their possible future make better decisions!”

Since 2016, the book author, keynote speaker has given over 300 presentations on future and innovation topics. He is co-editor of the bestseller “Arbeitswelt und KI 2030” (Springer Gabler) and founder of the Future Studies Alumni Association, member of the Future Studies Network as well as the World Futures Studies Federation. As a member of the academic futures research community, he works in the environment of UNESCO and the Club of Rome on the implementation of important future topics.

With the founding of PROFORE, a young institute for futures research and strategy consulting, he is expanding his commitment to the academic field.

Kai Gondlach makes the future tangible

Uncertainty arises from ignorance about futures. His impulses and inspirations fascinate the audience and at the same time give them security. Kai Gondlach motivates people to shape the future critically and passionately. He is particularly concerned about the younger generations and their issues of climate, labor market, mobility and health.

Kai Gondlach invites you to broaden your perspective. Because in his studies over the last few years, he has increasingly noticed that there are even larger patterns that span several centuries.