Crisis manager and top speaker Lisa Eckhardt: Nordic clarity meets surfer mindset and business know-how

18. August 2022 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Lisa Eckhardt loves surfing, and her favorite thing to do is stand on a kiteboard, flying between the elements. The rougher the conditions, the better she feels out there on the ocean.

Lisa Eckhardt’s career has already been impressive up to this point, and it looks like the 36-year-old is nowhere near the end of the line. She brings along 20 years of professional experience, more than 10 of which she spent as an independent interim manager with her own brand. Crisis management is the hobbyhorse of the business information technology graduate, who completed her studies “on the side” while working. Making a career for herself was a clearly mapped out path, as she became the first female IT specialist at Porsche AG in 2001 at the tender age of 16. From that point on, there was only one direction for Lisa Eckhardt: forward!

Lisa Eckhardt – Power woman in business and surfer at heart

She describes herself as a “power woman in business and surfer at heart.” If you’re a woman in a male-dominated industry like the automotive industry, nothing can shock you. She says she never got into the elbow mentality, but became successful “with heart, humor and a good dose of down-to-earthness.”

On her website, she writes:

“The sea has also taught me these qualities. My great passion is kitesurfing. The rougher the conditions, the faster my surfing heart beats. When others are afraid to get in the water, for me the fun is just beginning!”

She can do that, keep a clear head when things get crazy and chaos takes its course. With a steady hand, she quickly and calmly brings order back into the chaos.

Her keynotes – unique, stormy, funny and super effective

Companies and executives can make use of these qualities. Lisa Eckhardt’s lectures are quite unique, because they feel like a Nordic breeze, refreshing, invigorating and definitely motivating. Those who book her take away a great deal of knowledge, as she shares her experiences openly and unabashedly. Her lectures sometimes feel stormy, give trend-setting recommendations for action and decisive impulses on the topics of crisis management, change, courage, doer mentality, pragmatism, modern leadership.

Surfer Mindset for managers and employees

Her keynote “Surfer Mindset for Managers & Employees” is particularly popular. After all, there are numerous speakers who talk about leadership, but she cleverly and understandably links the world of surfing with that of companies. In it, she makes a plea for more ease in everyday business life and shows concretely how this can be achieved based on 6 essential factors. She says: “It is a fact that we often cannot change the daily challenges. But we can change the way we deal with them.” So it takes a mindset shift. Once that is accomplished, ease in everyday business and a more balanced leadership style pretty much follows on its own.

She also gives presentations on the topics of “Crisis management Nordicstyle – skilfully weathering the storm” or “Fresh wind through change – how you can use change to bring a breath of fresh air back into the minds of your employees and into your entire company”.

Lisa Eckhardt

Storm-tested crisis manager & kitesurfer - leadership coach & interim manager