Dr. Sven Jungmann – the “5 Premium Speakers Questions»

05. January 2022 – Mandy Weinand

Dr. Sven Jungmann is a physician and digital entrepreneur. He has not practiced at the bedside for several years. Instead, he devotes himself all the more to other goals. Among other things, he wants to improve the healthcare system for patients, nurses and doctors. New solutions for better care are needed. He and his colleagues at FoundersLane are working on this with passion.

He spent his medical studies in Germany, France, Spain, Brazil and the USA and thus got to know different education and care systems. He spent his residency in Berlin, mostly at Helios and somewhat at Charité.

In addition to medicine, Sven Jungmann studied public policy at Oxford and public health at LSHTM, both with master’s degrees, and he holds a diploma in entrepreneurship from Cambridge.

Dr. Jungmann is convinced that innovative technologies can help us achieve better health and humanity. In his speeches, Dr. Sven Jungmann also shows people who have nothing to do with medicine: You can stay true to your motivation and still create your own map for life. Whether as an individual or as a company in transition. A fulfilled existence characterized by growth & impact is possible!

Interview with Dr. Sven Jungmann:

1. What are the core subjects of your keynote speeches?

Sven Jungmann:

Leaders mostly want me to provide them with a comprehensive overview of where the healthcare industry is heading, what is happening in the health innovation ecosystem right now, and what strategic implications this may have for my audience.

Others want to freshen up their business strategies, improve how they go about innovating around their healthcare products and services, how to understand their customers better, rethink their marketing approach, or develop groundbreaking data-driven services without getting stuck in regulatory complexity.

Increasingly, I’m also asked to give a more personal perspective. What does it mean to be at the forefront of innovation, working at the intersection of evidence-based healthcare, business, and technology? Having reinvented myself from being a doctor at the coal face of healthcare to becoming a trusted partner of investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders alike, people want to understand how to harness their existing skills to deliver value in a foreign domain without giving up on your life mission.

2. Which audience or which branch do you reach with your speech?

Sven Jungmann:

  • Executives involved in digitalisation in the healthcare sector
  • Investors who are interested in healthcare investments
  • Individuals who want to reinvent themselves but stay true to their goals and mission
  • Digital health and MedTech start-ups who want to better understand the corporate world
  • Healthcare companies and associations that need to adapt their digital strategy (from product design to target group definition to marketing)
  • People who want to adapt their innovation toolbox for healthcare applications (e.g. because they realize that classic “design thinking” does not work in the healthcare context)

3. Are you a PREMIUM SPEAKER? Where do you get your insights from?

Sven Jungmann:

I am a medical doctor with clinical experience, but I have constantly reinvented myself. Today, I am a digital entrepreneur. Every day, I interact with top investment funds, corporate executives, and startups from the digital health scene in Germany, England, the Orient, and the USA.

In addition to my medical studies, I have further degrees in Public Health (London), Public Policy (Oxford) and Entrepreneurship (Cambridge) and invest thousands of euros every year in education at renowned institutions such as Harvard and Stanford.

I have been awarded several times (e.g. Handelsblatt, Business Punk) and received well-funded grants and awards (e.g. Oxford, Rotary International).

4. What will be in the future? Does «time» play an important role in your work?

Sven Jungmann:

Looking at industry averages, healthcare currently ranks lowest in customer satisfaction (as measured by Net Promoter Score). This is a strong sign of imminent disruption. The pandemic has pulled the future forward; for example, it has given a rise in the adoption of telemedicine. And technologies have become increasingly sophisticated, with many of us now wearing medical-grade sensors on our wrists. At the same time, governments are embracing digital to address fundamental problems in healthcare delivery. Germany’s previous Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, for example, pioneered the concept of prescribable Apps (DiGA) that other countries are now also implementing.

The future holds a healthcare system that is proactive rather than reactive. It is outcome-based, not output-based. It is unbundled and closer to people’s everyday lives rather than being centred around big hospital buildings. And it will hopefully enable more meaningful human interactions. None of this, however, is just waiting to be discovered. It must be designed, tested, and reshaped over and over again. This needs a diversity of driven individuals like the ones I help become strong change agents.

5. Tell us your life motto? What do you want to give your listeners to take with them?

Sven Jungmann:

“Anyone who isn’t embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn’t learning enough.” – Alain de Botton.

Having experienced a lot does not make you an expert.

It is how you grow from your experiences. We need to thrive for constant growth, personally and professionally. Excellence is not only about constant learning; we need to cherish unlearning just as much.

Thank you very much, Dr. Sven Jungmann for the interview and the insight into your topics as a speaker!

Sven Jungmann

Doctor, Entrepreneur, Physician & Digital Health Expert