Frederik Malsy – Good bye to the naysayers!

01. September 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Frederik Malsy believes that through improvisation, the world could become a little better – and happier. Anybody had to learn to how to deal with unforeseen situations, he once said in an interview with the German weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”. Our present time, being crazily fast and changing all the time, needs room for improvisation. In his view, improvisation means to act spontaneously, to weigh options and to make decisions quickly. It is impossible to plan everything ahead, neither in the office nor in everyday life. Is that frightening? Might be so for some people, but for him, it is exactly the contrary. He loves the unforeseen – and why hate it? Everything is unforeseeable anyway.

In his speaches, the actor and improvisation coach takes his audience on surprising discovery trips. He shows businessmen how to creatively approach and experience abstract topics.

The courage to just do it

Improvisation also means giving space to creativity. There are, however, certain rules that have to be followed to deal with one another on a respectful basis. For example, it is important to pay attention to each other, to be present and to respond to what the other says. The fun part of it leads to a relaxed atmosphere quickly so that everyone feels at ease. Each is invited to contribute in his own way to a whole. Teamwork, creativity and quick wit is promoted – qualities that are important in a job.

In his lectures, he not only speaks, but also involves his audience through games and quite funny techniques which build the basis for open communication. He pledges for an open mind and to always be curious about new ideas and other opinions. If we say no to anything, we will never get to somethng new. Those who stay open to the unexpected will be able to more easily adapt to people and situations. These personal qualities will not only help in an office context but for life. Also, imagine to be at the buffet at a corporate event. You meet the boss and think: Mhm, what could I say? Frederik Malsy would suggest: take it easy! Improvise and have some fun! Try it – instead of waiting! Anyone who has ever started improvising will not stop again! This is what Frederik Malsy says from experience. Being open minded and courages helps to see new options and possibilities. It makes it so much easier to talk to people. A lot of people would take things very seriously and put up with solid, well-known structures. The result is often frustration and dissatisfaction – inside and outside. To think and do something unexpected could be incredibly liberating. And interestingly enough, would often lead to success. Success is easy, believes Frederik Malsy.

In his speaches, he not only reaches head and emotions but also hearts. Accordingly, his motto is this: “Transforming business into magic moments.” Nice! I can testify: he does it!

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Frederik Malsy

Expert for Motivation and Leadership. Director of Business Theatre