Former US correspondent, current head of international news at Swiss Public Television SRF

Thomas von Grünigen is a Swiss journalist known as a former US correspondent for Swiss Radio and Television (SRF).

In his role as correspondent, he reported extensively on political and social developments in the United States, which gave him deep insights and a broad understanding of American politics and culture.

As US correspondent for Swiss television SRF, Thomas von Grünigen experienced Donald Trump’s first term in office at first hand. Among other things, he was there when radicalised supporters of the then president stormed the Capitol. During his six and a half years as a correspondent – from 2015 to 2021 – von Grünigen lived first in New York and then in Washington. These years had a lasting impact on his view of American society and politics. He conveys his experiences and analyses in a clear and pointed manner as a guest on podiums, panel discussions and in interviews.

Thomas von Grünigen Lecture topics

  • USA – Will Donald Trump return to power?

The USA is experiencing a dramatic election year, the outcome of which will shape the country and the world for decades to come. Why does Trump have a chance of winning again despite all his misdemeanours? Why are the Democrats sending Joe Biden, who is characterised by age, back into the race? Based on his in-depth knowledge and personal experience, Thomas von Grünigen analyses the state of the race and identifies the chances of the two candidates.

  • USA – Democracy in danger

Donald Trump is breaking with democratic norms, trying to undermine the system and fuelling division in the country. But the roots of the destabilisation of the USA lie deeper. Thomas von Grünigen uses personal experiences and political backgrounds to describe why US democracy is faltering.

Thomas von Grünigen: “Only a well-informed public has the ability to assess the threats to freedom and democracy and draw the right conclusions from them. It is therefore important to me to share my in-depth knowledge and experiences.“

Von Grünigen took his first steps as a journalist in the USA – at the national US broadcaster ABC in 2000, when Al Gore and George W. Bush faced each other in a dramatic election campaign. He also witnessed the election of Barack Obama on location in New York, back then as editor of the SRF magazine programme Rundschau.

Thomas von Grünigen grew up in Bern and studied media and communication studies, journalism and English in Fribourg, Bern and Washington. He has lived in Zurich since 2021. At SRF, he is currently journalistic director of foreign TV reporting and heads the ‘US Elections 2024’ project.