Gerlinde Manz-Christ holds a doctorate in law and is a diplomat and business expert.

After many years in the diplomatic service for Austria and most recently as Head of International Communications and Government Spokeswoman for the Principality of Liechtenstein, Gerlinde Manz-Christ now devotes herself wholeheartedly to “business diplomacy” and acts as a “bridge builder” between people, nature and life.

Gerlinde Manz-Christ has successfully accompanied political and international crises in Japan, Israel, New York, Vienna and Liechtenstein and has overcome deep personal crises.

Gerlinde Manz-Christ Lecture topics

  • The art of gentle victory – Success through diplomacy
  • Goodbye crisis – The choice of words shows the way
  • Arrive. Take a deep breath. Rediscovering yourself through closeness to nature
  • Self-Leadership – For new joy in life and success at work
  • Fundamentally healthy – Indigenous natural medicine for health, resilience and mental well-being

As a versatile pioneer and adventurer, she was the first and so far only foreign woman to work in a traditional Japanese company in Sapporo, northern Japan; she was the first woman to head the press and information department in the Foreign Ministry in Vienna; and she was one of the first white people to take part in the Journey of the Waters, sacred to the Apache Indians.

As a value-oriented systemic health and resilience coach, certified breathwork trainer and nature guide, Gerlinde Manz-Christ today advises and accompanies people in their various roles on their professional and personal journey, with a focus on self-leadership, health & resilience, diplomacy & communication.

Gerlinde Manz-Christ teaches as a lecturer at the University of Liechtenstein and the Diplomatic Academies of Vienna and Budapest. She was awarded the Grand Decoration of Honor with Silver Star for services to the Republic of Austria and is a Jordanian Grand Officer of the Order of the Star.


  • Die Kunst des sanften Siegens – Erfolgreich mit Diplomatie (The Art of Winning Gently – Successful with Diplomacy)
  • Emotions in Politics and Campaigning – How Neuroscience, Linguistics, and Social Psycholo-gy Change the Political Profession