Tech Influencer, Investor, Business Angel, Entrepreneur & Startup Coach, Trendscout, World Traveler

Sophia Tran recognized her interest in computers and IT at an early stage and decided to study electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen University. When she then successfully completed her master’s degree in business administration with a focus on marketing, she had already been familiar with the agency business for several years. She gained her first experience in an international management consultancy, later at the luxury company LVMH and at a business publishing house as Head of Business Development & Innovation.

Sophia Tran: Tech Influencer & Moderator

Her passion for travel also arose through various projects in the USA and France. At the same time, she was in front of the camera in various television formats such as Adventure Life (Kabel 1), Galileo (ProSieben) and for and presented the latest trends and innovations around the world.

In 2012, Sophia Tran published the online lifestyle magazine SMOKEY CATS with the aim of inspiring the reader anew every day.

For several years she has been a partner and authorized signatory at the Startup Accelerator and Venture Capital, where she is responsible for the areas of marketing, partnerships and investment. In her private life, she is a business angel and investor and supports up-and-coming digital start-ups.

On the side, Sophia travels the world to get to know new trends and innovations, speaks and moderates at international tech conferences such as the SLUSH, Mobile Word Conference and WebSummit and is known in particular as a tech influencer on social networks and through her blog. In 2021, Sophia Tran founded “Spotlight! Ventures”.