Jon Christoph Berndt® – the “5-Premium-Speakers-Questions”

14. September 2018 – Patricia Zoller

Jon Christoph Berndt (JCB) lives what he says. And you feel that every second, it’s why his presentations are so captivating and inspiring. He lives for companies and people to be able to distinguish themselves and present themselves convincingly, so they receive the attention they deserve. He belongs to the leading specialists for image, attention, and marketing success.

What are the core subjects of your keynote speeches?

Jon Christoph Berndt:

Everyone is talking about “future”, but only very few are actually future-ready! I give the push to take action. Only those companies with a clear defined “what for” (their purpose) have the right to be in the market! They contribute to a better society. I show how that works. Everyone wants attention—its share of the world’s most valuable currency! I will tell you how to get it. Those who have convinced, profiled, noticeable and experienced makers will win! I share how you turn your employees into those. If you are future-ready, you receive emotions and recommendations as well as sales and profits! I show the way.

Which audience or which branch do you reach with your speech?

Jon Christoph Berndt:

I reach everyone in all industries who is no longer just talking about “agile”, “disruptive”, and “transformative”, but wants to move forward. I make them understand (“He means me!”) and together we start their booster. So they take off, start in the fast lane and become future-ready.

Why are you a Premium Speaker? Where do you get your insights from?

Jon Christoph Berndt:

My audience enables me. It appreciates the trends and developments from my first hand experience and my methods that are as simple as effective. For everything that is relevant and important in my field of expertise it is important that I am in the world at home. Therefore—as premium speaker—I make sure that you will always be future-ready with me. My listeners also appreciate that I am deliberately provocative: who laughs, learns.

What will be in the future? Does 'time' play an important role in your work?

Jon Christoph Berndt:

It has relevance to all who speak less but do more: be open and continue to be for the new, distinguish what is important and what is transient, listen first, then talk. And know exactly where to invest your precious time worthwhile (while we all just believe that we have fewer and fewer of it …). Consistency never existed; Change is a given, whether we like it or not. Let’s accept it and make “the best”out of it—first for society, then for ourselves. I start the change with my participants.

What is your life motto? What would you like to give your listeners on the way?

Jon Christoph Berndt:

“Forget francs, dollars, euros! Those who pay attention and get attention in digital times have the true most valuable currency in the world.”

Jon Christoph Berndt

Positioning / Profiling / Performance Enhancing