Jürgen Stark – a man with a clear voice and strong message

03. June 2015 – Cathrin Jacob

With his resignation in 2011 former chief economist of the European Central Bank Jürgen Stark sent a clear message. He stayed true to his criticism of the ongoing lending policy towards Greece, who by the time had been threatened by bankruptcy. “By constantly giving money the Member States and the ECB had only protracted the bankruptcy” the Süddeutsche Zeitung quoted Stark, who is known as an advocate for strict monetary policies. Together with former Geman finance minister Theo Waigel, Stark designed the European Stability Pact which limits public dept and aims for a balanced budget of its member states.

Even after his resignation Jürgen Stark remains highly sought after as a lecturer as well as podium discussion participant. He is popular not only in his role as an expert with a track record ranging from various German ministries to the Deutsche Bundesbank and the European Central Bank, but also for his sharp tongue and wit, which feel like balm to the confused souls of large and small investors as well as ordinary people during these turbulent times.

Jürgen Stark’s topics range from institutional economics , public finance to the European monetary integration to the global financial system.

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Jürgen Stark

Economist, Expert in Finance and Economy