Kerstin Plehwe – Attention! Roaring lion!

30. June 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

It is not so easy to replicate what she does. She is a successful international speaker, analyst for politics, author and consultant. Oh, and then she is also a wife, has brought a foundation to life and is, obviously, a tough business woman. A few years ago, Kerstin Plehwe, who grew up in South Africa, decided to make her childhood dream come true. She went back to Africa and started to learn how to be a ranger in Kruger National Park. Not only was she alone among lions but also alone among men. She doesn’t say which part she considered to be the more difficult one. Anyway, she learned how to read leopard tracks and to understand herds of elephants. She had to deal with situations that would not exactly happen at home at your desk. Looking back, she believes that this time was life defining and a booster for her personal growth.

Learn from the elephants!

Kerstin Plehwe talks on international stages as well as at customer-and employee-events. Her topics range from business and personal success to communication, innovation and change management. Following her time as a ranger, she wrote down her experience in her book “Die Weisheit der Elefanten”(“The Wisdom of elephants”). She comes to the conclusion that there are definitely parallels between the attitudes in wildlife and on executive floors on this planet.

How do they do it? The story of successful communicators

As consultant for politics and economics, Kerstin Plehwe takes a look behind the scenes of exceptional communicators such as Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton. In her opinion, German politicians could take a leaf out of their success stories as speakers and is, due to her great knowledge and experience, a respected visionary and communication and leadership expert.

“The greatest strengths lies within the inner self.”

Powerwoman Kerstin Plehwe furthermore is one oft the co-founders of the ASTRAIA Female Leadership Foundation. With other Female Leaders, she advocats for a fairer world for girls and young women in helping them to get the resources for education and health in order to be able to achieve their goals. She has spoken to numerous outstanding women who achieved seemingly impossible things in particularly difficult circumstances and figured that they all had two things in common: a firm self-believe and the support from others.

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Kerstin Plehwe

Expert in Change-Management, Communication, Innovation, Political Affairs & Female Leadership