Markos Aristides Kern – Quantum Leap – The Future of Sports

21. September 2021 – Mandy Weinand

How e-sports, gamification, sportification and digitalization will revolutionize sports. More motivation and exercise through digital incentives!

Markos Aristides Kern has a mission: he wants to make society more active His goal is to tackle one of the biggest challenges of the new, digital age, in an entertaining way, because we move too little. How is he going to do that? Quite simply, by combining sport with technology.

Markos Aristides core: “We are leading the world in the Sportification revolution to enable more people to live an active and healthy lifestyle.”

In his book: Quantum Leap – The Future of Sport, Markos Kern describes just that:

How digitalization in sports is fueling our agility. Whether it’s fitness apps, e-sports events, self-tracking or augmented reality, exercise is becoming more digital, more connected and, above all, more fun. The most innovative sports trends are already experimenting with the triggers that the gaming industry also serves – because to entice our increasingly comfortable society to exercise, we need new stimuli that traditional sports clubs don’t offer.

Mastermind and entrepreneur Markos Aristides Kern is certain: today’s niche topics will determine the fitness trends of the future and soon change the sports world from the ground up! This is how gamification, sportification and digitalization will revolutionize sports Rethinking sports: What makes the new fitness trends tick and why clubs, trainers and sponsors need to move with the times.

Between fitness, fun and future: How digital offerings can promote exercise. Is it sport or can it go away? E-sports and the opportunities of the controversial billion-dollar market. A spectacular look at the digital future of sports High-tech is both the reason for and the solution to our lack of exercise. What makes computer games so attractive that we stare at the screen for hours on end? Why do we prefer chats and games to the playground or sports club? And how can we take advantage of this to get active again and find more motivation to exercise?

Markos Aristides Kern knows: Technology and sports belong together. This is the only way to create completely new sports that have the potential to give even the most comfortable couch potatoes a leg up. An exciting thought experiment about the future of sports, which shows gamification and digitalization in a different light and opens the view for new disciplines and possibilities!
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About the book. Only available in German.

Markos Aristides Kern

Entrepreneur, Sports Tech Innovator, Keynote Speaker