Frédéric Mathier has learned the negotiation craft in over 2500 business negotiations in practice during more than 10 years as a Purchasing Manager and Strategic Buyer. In the process, he has concluded contracts and projects worth several hundred million CHF. Today, several SMI companies and leading SMEs rely on his expertise.

His vision is to make negotiation skills accessible to as many people as possible.

As a trained industrial engineer and purchasing manager, he has also been a lecturer and trainer of adults in supply chain management, leadership and negotiation for many years. With his No.1 podcast “Successful Negotiation” in business and career, Frédéric shares weekly his negotiation tips for entrepreneurs, professionals and executives.

Frédéric Mathier Lecture topics:

1. Negotiation techniques in business:

For most companies in the current time, it is not only about better prices, but for many it is about existence. Not negotiating does not bring anything. Not negotiating does not solve any problem. Making a fist in the bag does not get anyone anywhere. And if you don’t negotiate, you’ve already lost.

The lecture “Negotiation Techniques in Business” shows the importance of this competence for your business success. The lively stories inspire, motivate and call for action.

Frédéric Mathier shows the most important tactics for successful negotiations in business. Various tactics such as anchoring, enduring silence, making demands, and more, are packaged in entertaining and educational stories.

With the following benefits for the audience:

  • Why preparing for a negotiation is so important.
  • What I learned from my biggest negotiation defeat
  • How winners open a negotiation
  • How the anchor works to put them on the winning track from the start
  • Why arguments are less important than demands
  • Why maintaining silence is more important than a high percentage of speech

2. Three secrets of successful negotiations

Frédéric Mathier shares his three biggest secrets for successful negotiations from the experience of over 2500 business negotiations. The success of a negotiation is very much related to your personal mindset. Your mindset determines how much you can convince, it determines victory or defeat.

Recognize the motive. If you know what your counterpart’s motive is, you can negotiate much easier and better. Put yourself in your counterpart’s perspective, ask a lot of questions and observe. Active listening and a sense for details will put you in a decisive negotiating position. Frédéric takes you into exciting negotiation situations and shows you practical examples of what he has experienced in practice.

With the following benefit for the audience:

  • Why the mindset decides about victory or defeat
  • Why negotiating is child’s play and what we adults can learn from small children in terms of persistence and willingness to negotiate for our business
  • Why the motives and goals of the other party have a great influence and how to find them out
  • How a sense for details and an active power of observation can use them to our advantage
  • How we can keep a cool head and make the right decisions even in critical situations

3. Virtual Keynote: How to excellence in virtual negotiations

In recent months, many negotiations have shifted to the digital space. Where business people used to meet face-to-face at the negotiation table, various digital tools such as Zoom, MS Teams and others have taken over.

What are the differences between this and a “normal negotiation? What are the key points for successful negotiations in front of a screen? What does every entrepreneur, professional and executive need to know to be convincing digitally?

With the following benefit for the audience:

  • What makes negotiation situations in the online world very different from live negotiations at the table.
  • What the successful framework of a negotiation online looks like and what hardware really puts it in a better negotiation light
  • What tools are useful for a digital negotiation
  • How they can use one of the oldest negotiation tactics to their advantage online
  • A glimpse into the future and how artificial intelligence will impact the way we handle negotiations.

His passion is to share his experience and knowledge with entrepreneurs, sales and purchasing leaders. Be it as a consultant, trainer or coach. With a lot of energy, enthusiasm and the attitude “everything is negotiable”, Frédéric Mathier will also help your company to negotiate successfully.

Oliver Stoldt' opinion on Frédéric Mathier
Frédéric Mathier is considered the best negotiation expert in the market. As purchasing manager for global companies, he has built up the practice of how to negotiate successfully. Global companies and SMEs rely on his expertise and know-how. Book Frédéric Mathier now for presentations and workshops on negotiation and sales with Premium Speakers.