Keynote Speakers – More than keynotes and lectures

30. May 2024 – Astrid Berndt

More than just lectures: Speakers and keynote speakers for workshops, masterclasses & interactive sessions.

In today’s business world, it is no longer enough just to give inspiring speeches. Audiences want more than “just” speeches. They want an interactive exchange, the opportunity to ask questions after a presentation or to book the speaker for an in-house workshop.

Many speakers and keynote speakers have recognized this and go beyond the traditional format and offer additional workshops and interactive sessions. These approaches are ideal for deepening the knowledge learned and directly addressing specific company needs and challenges.

What are the benefits and opportunities of workshops? The added value of interactive formats.

Keynote speakers, speakers and experts are known for their ability to captivate audiences rhetorically and inspire them with their stories and insights. But after an impressive presentation, the question often remains: “And now? How do I put these ideas into practice?” This is where workshops come into play. They offer an excellent opportunity to deepen the content of the presentation and respond to the individual needs of the participants.

Advantages of workshops, masterclasses and interactive sessions

1. Deepening knowledge: Workshops allow participants to directly apply and deepen what they have learned. Through practical exercises and interactive discussions, participants can better understand the concepts presented and transfer them to their own context.

2. solutions to everyday challenges: Workshops offer the opportunity to address specific challenges faced by an organization. By working together with the speaker, solutions can be developed that are directly tailored to the needs and goals of the company.

3. active exchange: Interactive sessions encourage exchange between the speaker and participants. This allows questions to be clarified, different perspectives to be considered and new ideas to be developed.

4. sustainable learning effect: Through the active participation of the participants, what has been learned is better anchored. This leads to a more sustainable learning effect and a higher probability that the new insights will be implemented in everyday working life.

Examples of speakers who offer workshops

Some of our speakers, experts and keynote speakers offer workshops in addition to their presentations. These combine inspiring speeches with practical exercises and interactive exchanges. Here are some examples:

Benjamin Bargetzi – makes you and your team fit for the customers of tomorrow in innovation workshops.

Michaela Merk – sharpens your view of marketing processes and turns your employees into brand ambassadors.

Holger Bröer – shows your sales team how to do sales, acquisition and customer care properly.

Steffi Burkhart – loves the active exchange after her presentation on generational diversity in the labor market.

Deniz Kayadelen – is an expert in change management, talent management, potential development and resilience.

Speakers, experts and keynote speakers who offer workshops, masterclasses and interactive sessions in addition to their presentations provide invaluable added value. They enable participants to deepen what they have learned, develop customized solutions and achieve a lasting learning effect.

For companies that not only want to be inspired, but also empowered, such comprehensive offerings are the ideal choice.

Whether for in-house events or open seminars – the combination of lecture and workshop can make the difference and pave the way to long-term success.

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