Martin Limbeck Germany’s #1 Sales Expert – know where it hurts and you will be successful!

27. September 2016 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Only someone who knows how sales work can call himself a sales expert, he says and not surprisingly, he has started from the very bottom once. From sales man for copy machines to an awarded expert and to this day one of he best trainers in Germany, sounds like the American Dream and well, it is.

Plaintext-Speaker Limbeck

On stage, Martin Limbeck speaks a very direct language. The job as sales man, he says, is everything but easy, nothing for people who lack a strong will. For sure, the job made him harder in a way, he says and I remember that he also like to step into the boxring as a hobby. It gets down to business in his seminars, he is a man of clear words.

His success didn’t just happen, instead, he worked very hard for it. This is exactly what he is asking of anyone attending his seminars. He shares a lot of knowledge but at the same time, he has nothing to give away for free.

“My own motivation when I started my job in sales was money: I wanted to make the big dollars”, he remembers. “Today I look at things differently. I get so incredibly positive feedback from the people I work with. This is very fullfilling and makes me go on, their success is my success.”

He has made it to a Top-Sales Trainer and Speaker, being among the Speakers Excellence Top 100 Speakers. From experience, he knows exactly how it feels to go from door to door or to pick up the phone each and every day, again and again. Sales, he says, means disciplin and endurance. It doesn’t work without.

He says that it wouldn’t matter if you sold a vacuum cleaner, copy machine or Porsche, what mattered would be the passion and the will to win. Combined with some effective strategies to get this sale done.

Where is the emotion?

What really matters to the customer? Where are his real needs? Where is that bottleneck? He gives an example of something most people suffer from: time. Everyone would wish to have more time, however, just saying that someone would have more time in the future wouldn’t help much. A good sales person would need to find out what someone loves to do in his free time: may it be working on his oldtimer, spending time with the family, attending sports events, going on vacation…? Whatever it might be, you need to find out about it because this is where the emotion comes in, this where you can catch anyone.

Pain or fun – what is most effetive?

Many sales people would forget to ask about these bottlenecks and problems of their potential customers – and missed a great chance. It sure would not help to just present your product and hope that your potential customer just says “Great! I have always waited for that!”

He explains that there are two motivations for everyone in order to start change and get out of this comfort zone: it is either fun or pain. Those who never find out which way to go will never reach success.

The 111 laws by sales pro Martin Limbeck

Martin has developped 111 (sales-) laws for success for those who are willing to invest and move on. Are they always fun? Well, not in the beginning, I suppose, but with the run comes the fun. Martin Limbeck believes that with optimisim, clear goals, disciplin and the will to develop your personality, anything is possible.

His seminars are unforgettable in many ways. Surely your way of seling is going to change a big lot afterwards. Promise!

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