Cabaret Artist, Moderator, Author & Speaker

Florian Schroeder was born in 1979 and studied German and philosophy at the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg from 2000 to 2007. He began his stage career as a cabaret artist and parodist while still a student, gained experience as a radio and television presenter and received numerous awards.

Florian Schroeder Lecture topics

  • I’m of my opinion – Why communication is more challenging than ever.

These are hard times: Circles of friends break apart, families disagree, and things aren’t any better at work. One colleague becomes a conspiracy ideologue, the next claims that she is not allowed to say anything at all. And the third feels insulted and discriminated against.

Who actually thinks how about what? And why? And how important is it anyway? We all want freedom of expression, but at the same time we want peace and quiet. Diversity is good, but only as long as everyone agrees.

In a time when we are constantly communicating, we have forgotten how to talk to each other. FlorianSchroeder dissects today’s irritant topics and shows why freedom of expression is such a big issue right now.

Why do we communicate worse online than offline? Why is confrontation and argument good? How can diversity be an opportunity and not a threat? And why should we break the habit of tolerance?

We have it in our hands to talk to each other – or sometimes to leave it alone. Florian Schroeder shows in his lecture “I AM OF MY OPINION” how we can be productive together with different opinions.

A lecture for complex times, which does not make life easier, but more exciting: Psychological, philosophical, political. And always in such a way that all listeners had a lot to laugh about at the end.

  • All options, but no choice? Deciding in the multi-option society

Do you prefer the sea or the mountains? Buy or rent? Child or career? Quit or stay? We constantly have to make decisions and go crazy in the process. And above all, dissatisfied. We have all the options, but no choice. We whine and brood about what is right, compare ourselves with others and then regret the decision we have made. If I had taken the other one, everything would have been completely different. We are overwhelmed with all the options! We decide more and more often not to want to decide.

“You have the choice! Use it!” The categorical imperative of the 21st century is self-actualization: “Become perfect!” “Five-course menu and dream figure – everything is possible!” Curse and blessing, power and powerlessness have rarely been as close as they are today. Failure to live up to one’s own expectations has become the new attitude to life: if you have a hundred jams on the real shelf, you’d rather go to ALDI in the end. If you have all the options, you still have the constant feeling that you don’t have a choice.

Life in the multi-option society often feels like an endless forest at night. On these paths, coaches and consultants promise floodlights on well-trodden motivational paths, even though they don’t even have a flashlight. Florian Schroeder stays on the carpet and shows you how the battery lasts longer. When it gets boring with the philosopher, it gets funny with him and when it gets flat with the comedian, it gets profound with him.

A lecture to laugh, to reflect and to think further. So you will see the world with different eyes and decide again with joy. In his lecture “All possibilities, but no choice?” Florian Schroeder shows us a way to make decisions and become satisfied. He provides a guide to making good decisions – and living: exciting, funny, intelligent and very human.

Florian Schroeder is always up-to-date, analyzes, evaluates and questions. His trademark: precise observation of the political and social situation. Florian Schroeder moves his auditorium, enriches it and makes it think.

Like no other, Florian Schroeder combines the razor-sharp observation skills of the comedian with the analytical acuity of the philosopher. In this way, he spans the spectrum from Kant to Facebook and from hot chai tea lattes to the Cold War with a feather-light touch.

As a cabaret artist, Florian Schroeder has been successfully performing on stage for many years; but also as a lecturer, he inspires his audience with a topic that could not be more topical. He has come of age in a society in which everything seems possible, but that is precisely why decisions are difficult and the agony of choice is becoming ever greater.