Musician, Artist & Comedian, Winner International Emmy Award 1997

He has received many international awards, the highest being an Emmy Award in New York in 1997 for ´Liberg zaps himself´. In the same year he was also nominated for the Banff Television Festival in Canada. He also received an honourable mention at the Golden Rose Festival in Montreux. Last, but certainly not least, he was asked to host the Emmy Award Gala in New York in 1998. An extra special honour, as he was taking the place of Sir Peter Ustinov!

Today his fame reaches far beyond the Dutch borders, attracting full houses all over Europe.

The international character of his shows, his musical virtuosity, and his subtle humour make him a highly sought-after artist at large international galas. For example, in 2005 for Her Majesty the Queen, in honour of her birthday and 25th jubilee. For his striking talents as a musician and entertainer were highly praised, not just in the Netherlands, but also abroad. During the ´Begegnung mit den Niederlanden´ (Meeting the Netherlands) festival (1989) Hans Liberg conquered the German hearts: … ´Der holländische Musikkomiker bewies seine Weltklasse!… ´ (The Dutch music comedian proved his worldclass!) (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

In Switzerland he was called ´a musical entertainer of divine grace´.

In Austria (2007) he was the first and only entertainer to ever perform in the Goldene Saal of the prestigious Vienna Musikverein, where subscriptions are still inherited from generation to generation. 2008 Hans Liberg has been made a Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion by the Dutch Queen, the oldest and highest civil order in the Netherlands. It´s only granted to people with extraordinary skills and a personal and unique Talent.