Michel Fornasier – Bionicman: the one-handed superhero

20. July 2018 – Patricia Zoller

Michel Fornasier was born with only one hand. As a person with a disability, he actively works to ensure that people with a disability are seen as equal members of society:

His charity «Give Children a Hand» has been producing customized hand prostheses for children together with orthopedic technicians, designers and owners of 3D printers since 2016.

He prepares children with disabilities to better cope with bullying at school.

For that reason, he created the comic book hero «Bionicman» with the help of the professional comic book illustrator David Boller. The one-handed superhero uses his bionic strength in his comic book adventures to support people with disabilities.

Become part of exciting future «Bionicman» stories.

More information about his projects can be found here: www.michelfornasier.com / www.givechildrenahand.com

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Michel Fornasier

Founder Charity "Give Children a Hand", Comic book author & Bionicman