Philipp Riederle – Interview with Premium Speakers at DEF 2017

18. August 2017 – Patricia Zoller

His new book “How we work and what we demand” explains how the digital generation really ticks: Many companies fear that they will not be able to get any more qualified newcomers, because the generation that is now pushing onto the labor market – the so-called mobile phone generation Managers and staff as spoiled and fun-oriented. Here, Philipp Riederle intervenes and, as an intermediary between the old and the young, explains the vitality of his contemporaries and their demands. He states: We are definitely not the generation of sissy. We are well trained, very flexible and have a huge innovative potential. We want to shape, change and communicate with supervisors at eye level. The work must fit into life, it must be meaningful and inspire. Under these conditions, says Philipp Riederle, his generation will contribute fully to the company – the 25 to 30-year-olds now know that the future belongs to us.

Philipp Riederle

Digital Native, Communication & Generation Y