Sigmar Gabriel: What about the USA without Donald Trump?

19. November 2020 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Sigmar Gabriel is worried these days. The U.S. election is coming up soon (this blog article has been written two days before), and the transatlantic alliance is a big issue for the former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel.

In the German political magazine “Der Spiegel”, the 61-year-old commented on a possible outcome of the U.S. election in a survey of several celebrities:

“First of all, I look at the US with a very sad look. Despite all the criticism that one could always have against the United States, we Germans in particular owe almost everything to this America: Without the USA my generation would have grown up under the successors of Hitler or Stalin and would not have become such a free and prosperous country. And without the Americans’ trust in us Germans, there would have been no reunification. (…) “Without the USA my generation would have grown up under the successors of Hitler or Stalin. He hopes that Joe Biden will win the race. Even if, as he thoughtfully adds, “he will have much to do to reunite America and reconcile it with himself.”

Sigmar Gabriel about his time in politics:

He is an SPD man who grew up in Goslar in the Harz Mountains in Germany, has worked for his country in leading positions for 18 years. In the last grand coalition, the now welcome speaker first served as Minister of Economics, then, in early 2017, as a popular and successful Foreign Minister:

“In my almost 30-year political career I had the opportunity to work for 18 years for my country and for the SPD in leading positions. It was an exciting and eventful time, which opened up great opportunities and experiences for me that went far beyond what I would have dared to dream of as a young person. This was a great honor for which I feel deep gratitude.”

He still possesses his at that time partly roughshod manner, but perhaps a certain mildness of old age has added to it. He is still a master of words and knows how to speak and say also the unpleasant things clearly. In politics, his open way of speaking out often led to internal discussions, and the general public liked him as a politician precisely for that.

Gabriel is just as capable of verbal ensnaring and charming, focus and inspiration. His empathic nature makes it easy for him to empathize with others which is feelable.

Today, he shares his experience as an impressive top speaker, for example when he talks about his views on current politics, finance, economy, globalization or the Pandemic.

Whether he is still attached to his time in politics, the German journalists Heribert Prantl and Kerstin Humberg recently asked about him in their podcast. Gabriel’s answer: “I would not have thought it possible that politics as a whole, but especially what the SPD does or leaves behind, is so far away for me.”

All the better. So, in addition to the time for family life in Goslar, he has enough free time for his brilliant lectures.

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