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09. April 2020 – Katharina Schlangenotto

The female pilots of #clearedtoland offer a variety of superlatives: Bush pilot in Alaska and CEO of an aviation company in the wilderness of this northernmost US state, Super Puma military pilot, long-haul airline pilot. They are experts in the development of your vision, your True North Star, or corporate purpose, as well as in the areas of Mental Training/Trust and Highperfomance/Resilience. Concentrated to the point, full of energy and absolutely focused, they show people how they can be more efficient, stronger leaders and more goal-oriented in their professional and private lives.

What the pilots of #clearedtoland pass on in their wonderfully varied lectures and keynotes is their daily business

Founder Rahel Kindermann is not only an entrepreneur and private pilot. She has a degree in business administration, is a certified change manager and systemic coach, and holds a master’s degree in leadership and management. After training as a private pilot in 2001, she began working at Zurich Airport in 2005 and has implemented numerous projects there in the Corporate Communication department, including the spectator terrace, which is now a calling card for the airport. In 2018, she founded the platform #clearedtoland. “I always thought: what I do there in the cockpit, I can implement one-to-one in my professional and private life.”

#clearedtoland is a platform for professional and personal development. The power women of the #clearedtoland crew all have a corporate background. Five of them are female pilots, all are aviation experts. Since 2022, Missy Lee has also been part of this extraordinary crew. She runs an aviation company in Alaska where she trains water and bush pilots from all over the world. She is not only CEO and pilot, but also climbed Mount Denali, the highest mountain in North America, at the age of 20.

The expert crew supports – based on tools from the cockpit – teams, organisations and companies to develop their best possible potential.

Edith Tieber, helicopter pilot and former competitive athlete, who is also a qualified coach specialising in high performance, resilience, agility and change, and whose professional background as a consultant and leader lies in the corporate sector. Also on board is Susanne Siegenthaler, who as a military pilot is one of the very few women in the Swiss Air Force who can share her impressive experiences regarding trust in one’s own strengths and her acquisition of a strong mindset. Esther Zwygart, long-haul airline pilot (A330 and A330) and expert in decision making, leadership, team building and change, and Simone Stemmler, Kaizen Master and expert in business transformation, customer experience and process optimisation.

The motto of the expert crew is: “Learn from female pilots – act with leadership and focus for professional and private precision landings”.

The tools from the cockpit include the #clearedtoland success principle, consisting of the eight core points that the pilots developed independently based on their experiences in the cockpit for implementation in their professional and private lives. Rahel Kindermann explains for which areas this can be extremely helpful: “Leading a company, managing a team, developing a strategy and/or going through a change process.”

In their keynotes, they talk about how to develop a vision, a purpose for a company and/or team, how to act as a strong leader, prioritise correctly, overcome your own blocks, deal with pressure & apply stress management, communicate clearly, focus on strengths and self-management, and train mental strength. A special highlight in their offer is the “True North Star-Journey”, the development of a vision, a purpose, offered by Rahel Kindermann, Missy Lee and Simone Stemmler. This with numerous interactive sequences and exciting stories of flying in Alaska and Rahel’s True North Star: landing on a highway in the middle of Alaska’s wilderness. The focus of the keynotes will be tailored to the needs of the client.

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