Leadership, Cooperations & The Future

With over 15 years of professional experience Carsten Sudhoff offers a unique perspective on solving the leadership issues of today. He has worked in Banking, Automotive Finance, Automotive Manufacturing and in the Non-for-profit sector and he has lived or worked on three continents and in eight different countries.

Eye-to-Eye with the world’s leaders

During his five years as Chief Human Resources Officer at the World Economic Forum he was privileged to attend the Annual Meeting in Davos. Over the years Carsten Sudhoff has witnessed the growing concern amongst the world’s leaders about the state of our world and a growing level of frustration about how to improve the situation. For over two years Carsten also led the Forum’s Global Agenda Council on “New Models of Leadership”, bringing together some of the brightest minds from civil society, business, academia and government in the field of leadership.

He left the World Economic Forum to start up CircularSociety, a social enterprise dedicated to implementing new ideas of leadership, to promote new concepts of training, collaboration and respect, to rethink our responsibility and to apply those scientific results that are of greatest importance to mankind. Carsten Sudhoff is convinced that individuals can be taught to rethink their responsibility vis-à-vis mankind and he is also convinced that now is the time for new ideas. He has a vision of a modern human being who has given up egoistical forms of behavior and who has developed a sense of “We”.

Carsten holds a Banking degree, a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the French Grande Ecole HEC.

Carsten’s topics are:

  • The impact of New Sciences – The interconnected Leader of tomorrow
  • Managing your ecosystem – The imperative of collaboration
  • Change is changing – The future of the networked organization