CHRISTIAN/BISCHOFF: YOUR ATTITUDE IS THE KEY! Inspiration for your business and private life

Christian Bischoff – His whole life consists of personal excellence.

At 16 years old he was the youngest National Basketball League player of his time and at 25 years old he was one of the youngest head coaches in the National Basketball League.

The many years of leadership experience and team work with top professional basketball players, as well as direct co-training with superstars such as national coach Dirk Bauermann and USA head coach Mike Krzyzewski, helped him early on to develop enormous diversity in his leadership skills.

Among his strengths: early detection of potential in other people and the ability to lead them to excellence.

This extraordinary ability and expertise of trained graduate in business studies, multiple book author and business consultant, clearly are applied in his coaching sessions and seminars.Practical and entertaining, they provide the participants with effective self-management, the mystery of self-discipline and underestimation of the strength of their own will – “Success”Factors to achieve one’s goals in life.

Here again Christian Bischoff is an example: he lives what he says – and will go to any lengths and overcome any obstacles to prove this. He crossed the United States on his bike on the famous Highway Number 1, as well as crossing the Alps in Europe.In 2009 he mastered the toughest and most competitive race in the world, the Transalpine-Run: 240 kilometers and 15,500 vertical meters in Germany and over into the Alps into Italy.

His Trademark: Red Headband

His Motto: “MAXIMIZE YOURSELF – You only live once!”

“Peak Performance” – The lecture/training series for business success!

Turn your next event into an extraordinary event and be inspired by Christian Bischoff who will show you “step by step” how you and your team can stay one step ahead of the crowd.

The lecture series “peak performance” consists of three successive lectures.

Each lecture is not just an absolute highlight but also offers new content with which you can expand and refine your knowledge on the subject of “peak performance”. To ensure a progressive learning curve, you can work long term with Christian Bischoff.

The lecture topics:

Make a positive difference!

The 15 “Life-Attitudes/Approaches” for personal and professional success

Peak Performance – your own way!

How to expand existing boundaries, overcome challenges, and gain mental control

Your only duty!

Why self-determination, willpower and self-motivation for any company are success factors in the 21st Century