Specialist lawyer for agricultural law, Bestselling author

Environment, sustainability and law are the territories that Christian Teppe, bestselling author and specialist lawyer for agricultural law, has been roaming for decades. As the overall editor of the standard work for the Green Baccalaureate “Vor und nach der Jägerprüfung”, author of the Spiegel bestseller “Der kleine Jägerknigge”, with the podcast and video format “Teppe und Schwenen”, he now also dedicates himself to environmental education in e-learning. As head of the ministerial office in the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas, he has always been able to balance the interests between environmental protection and the use of natural resources.

The requirements of sustainability, as Christian Teppe also found out as a certified mediator and state-recognised quality authority through precise observations of his counterparts, can also be transferred from nature to humans as part of the environment. The consequences this has for living together and the legal framework required for this are also reflected by him to the attentive listener.

Christian Teppe Lecture topics

  • Sustainability – just a buzzword or an attitude to life?
  • Appreciation. Or: Whatever you do to the least, you have done to me!
  • What would be the content of a subject on sustainability?
  • Hunting and nature conservation with the rifle, game for healthy nutrition.
    Education, customs, law, animal welfare, shooting, nature conservation, game, cooking.
  • Agriculture – challenges for farms, families and society.
    Specifics of nature conservation, subsidies, agricultural real estate.
  • System, structure, development, law-making, jurisdiction, correct appearance in court, convincing the judge and the counterpart.
  • Interventions and Compensation – Realising Projects Despite Nature Conservation
  • What are the differences between the political parties?
  • The challenge of animals: animal protection law, dangerous dogs, stray cats, animalhording, transport, slaughter, processing

Christian Teppe is attentive when he moderates events with politicians, functionaries and experts from the green sector of agriculture, environment and food. His profound knowledge of the law and its development over the past decades allows him to make predictions for the necessary and intended steps of the future.

Whether moderation, discussion or lecture – Christian Teppe is at your disposal with his knowledge, know-how and expertise for your event.