Documentary filmmaker and Spiegel bestselling author Katarina Schickling lives her enthusiasm for sustainability and good food. In front of and behind the camera and in her books, she conveys how the transformation of our society can succeed in the face of the climate crisis and what decisions are needed to achieve this: in our everyday consumption, but also at the level of companies and in politics.

Together with TV chef Tim Mälzer, she developed the food checks on ARD: she questions nutrition myths, investigates the origin and production conditions of food and exposes greenwashing.

For programs such as “ZDF Zoom,” “SWR Betrifft” or “Die Story im Ersten,” she travels the world and looks behind the scenes of our consumer world. In her books, she takes a critical look at studies and gathers the information we need to make informed consumer decisions. Not based on perceived truths, but on facts.

In her presentations, Katarina Schickling presents visions of how we can become sustainable. Sustainable business does not have to be synonymous with doing without and being hostile to pleasure. But, she says, her message to companies is that you have to mean it.

Katarina Schickling Lecture topics:

  • Sustainability is fun!
    How we can make our everyday lives more climate-friendly
  • Back to the future?
    Why sticking to our current consumption habits is hurting us – and how we can tackle the climate crisis by harking back to past times
  • The shopping revolution
    Away from the established trade structures of the food market, producers and customers are developing new forms of marketing