Founder & CEO of Think - Tank Break / Through

Reto Schnyder is one of the leading innovation experts in Europe. For more than 10 years, he has been dedicating his professional life to innovation. As a result, his presentations are not only theoretically sound but also filled with many anecdotes and practical examples.

Not just theory, but specific, gripping, comprehensible and taken directly from daily practice.

All of his findings and tips are based on specific and current examples and can easily be applied to the audience’s own professional life. Reto Schnyder adjusts the content of his presentations to the respective audience (e. g. branch, focus) and apart from the contents that he prepares specifically for the event, and depending on the extent, he also covers the following topics:

  • Why innovation is no longer a question of “if”.
  • How to create and maintain an encouraging culture of innovation.
  • The most popular innovation myths and fairy tales. Why we can learn more from mistakes than from success (and what I have learned).
  • Why creative professionals such as advertisers, designers or architects do not use creativity techniques.
  • Why needs and not ideas are the starting point for successful innovations – and how to reliably identify latent and future needs.
  • Why PowerPoint might be the biggest obstacle for innovation and how we managed to work more efficiently and successfully without it.

Reto Schnyder

Reto Schnyder is the founder and was until End of May 2018 CEO of the innovation think tank Break / Through. Break / Through developed new products, services and business models for clients such as Roche, Carlsberg Group, Mammut, Baloise Insurance, Mars or Coop. In the future he wants to focus on own products and startups which is why he backs out from the consulting branch. Before founding break/through, Reto Schnyder worked in the consumer goods industry in Asia and in Switzerland for 5 years. In his last position, he was head of the product development department of a big FMCG company.