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15. September 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Of course she has been there. No true visionary without the Silicon Valley in the CV. She spent time in the Valley during her time as CEO of Constellation Research, a world-class research technology firm, where she supported the over 250 clients to unleash the power of emerging and disruptive technologies. Previously, Chambers led Americas’ SAP Users Group (ASUG), the largest trade association serving SAP customers on the globe. She took the twenty-year brand from a period of financial and operational trouble to one of prosperity and stability. Eventually, she founded BGBC Marketing in 2013 to put the knowledge and tools necessary to grow a business in the hands of small business owners across the globe. In addition, she co-founded the global community EmpoweredW, a network of entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders sharing a passion for collective female success.

Chambers, who grew up in Texas, spent the past 20 years working to turnaround failed or under-performing business units and companies. She was right there when companies recovered and failed, each example always enveloped in significant cost and disruption. She is convinced that one crucial issue is that the leadership team needs to be connected to their staff. Many times, she witnessed how opportunity was simply left on the table. She pleads for an empowerment of employees. It would be them who recognized upcoming problems and, if authorized to do so, would be able to solve them. She talks about “intrepreneurs” rather than “entrepreneurs” and defines intrepreneurs as those employees with entrepreneurial spirit and those who want to be part of the business, who want to shape and help it grow and succeed. These “Rock Stars” how she calls them do not consider themselves as employees but as entrepreneurs by heart. Chambers believes: Put a carrot in the game, give power to the people and your business culture will most certainly start to shine. Plus that you will most probably save costs for external consultants, too.

Bridgette Chambers is said to be a visionary. One of her favourite quotes coins from Albert Einstein who said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Because, she believes, what we imagine, we can achieve. In one of her speeches she asked: “Isn’t it the preview of life’s upcoming attractions that motivates us most?” She passionately speaks about transformational Leadership, Change Management, Diversity & Empowerment, Profitable Problem Solving™” and many more.

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Bridgette Chambers

CEO, Author & Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur on Leadership & Diversity