Dr. Bodo Antonić – Against mental tightness

09. April 2019 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Bodo Antonić credo:”Spirit must float and not be in chains. We must constantly review our corset of rules, dogmas and norms and change or even get rid of them when needed. This is the only way to liberate our own mindset and the mindsets of our employees. That is the only way we can survive.”

Bodo Antonić is an interim manager and consultant who always shows up when no one else seems to be able to help

Bodo Antonić about himself: “I am really good at a few things. For example observing people and their rituals in companies. I can also identify opportunities for restructuring, unleashing and innovating companies and I am good at confronting them with my understanding of agility. One of my values is appreciation and I am patient and stand up for sustainability. Also, if needed, I can be a real pain in the neck.” Bodo Antonić wants to get companies going and does not deny that the process of change can sometimes be unpleasant. As a matter of fact, he plays in the premium league when it comes to change.

Above all, Bodo Antonić is real. He admits that there is one thing he is very bad in: “To do something that I’m not convinced of.” That’s why he has not much appreciation for those self-appointed experts who do all kind of weired things to stand out. A man with his wit, his experience and his expertise does not need that anyway.

He likes to introduce himself as German-Austrian-Croatian Persian. His heartbeat is international and culture-crossing. This is why, in his view of the world, there are no rigid rules and opinions.

Bodo Antonić lives change

For example, for him, there is nothing dangerous or even inhuman in artificial intelligence. He says, “AI is nothing more than an algorithm inherent in human intelligence. The only thing that can be called inhumane might be the handling of the data and knowledge.”

He pleads to be more relaxed and to stick away from the desire to control everything. He asks to keep a crazy way of thinking leaving usual norms and rules behind. Because we are able to.

On his blog he writes about inner freedom and how he found it: easy enough, he checked his existing life rules and decided to give up those which he considered to no longer be needed.

Bodo Antonić recommends the same to companies and asks people not to be satisfied with the alleged mental narrowness and breathlessness usually found in the world of today. He sees a lack of imagination and creativity and many people who, unfortunately, seem to have surrendered even though they want it differently. He says: “This mental narrowness is everywhere and lead to stupid routines, a lack of questioning and makes people keep up administrative ballast and meaningless rites.“ His call: „Get up, take a deep breath and blow your chains.”

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Bodo Antonic

Entrepreneur & Interim Manager