Benjamin Talin is an expert in the fields of digital transformation, change management and innovation. He was a visionary from a young age and founded his first company at the age of 13.

Since then, he has established himself as a global advisor to governments, thought leader and pioneer in digital ecosystems. As the founder of MoreThanDigital, the leading global platform for digitalization, Benjamin Talin has become a central figure in the discussion around digital transformation and ecosystems, influencing policy and strategy at the highest levels.

Benjamin Talin Lecture topics

  • Artificial intelligence & Scenario thinking for business and politics
  • Innovations, start-ups, futurology & think tanks
  • Digital transformation & digital disruption
  • Change management & future generations
  • Online marketing & digital branding

His expertise, gained through years of practical experience and academic training, covers a wide range of current and important areas, including social change, system change, disruption and digital platform management. With hundreds of publications, his methods and concepts are not only widely used online, but have also found their way into the curricula of universities around the world, proving their relevance and impact.

As an experienced keynote speaker, Benjamin Talin provides insights into innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship, among other topics. He brings a unique perspective to these topics, challenging conventional wisdom and evaluating the opportunities and risks of our increasingly fast-paced digital landscape.

At the heart of his work is a drive to make complex ideas accessible and actionable, whether through his posts on platforms such as, his captivating talks or his practical advice. Benjamin Talin’s approach is characterized by his desire to not only inform but also empower his audience. He ensures that they are energized, but not overwhelmed, by the transformative potential of digital technology.

Benjamin Talin’s digital platform has positioned itself as one of the top 15 business platforms worldwide.

Book Benjamin Talin for keynote speeches, workshops and as a companion in the transformation of your company. Benjamin Talin talks about entrepreneurship, innovation, start-up culture (& fails) and change management, as well as high-tech topics and the famous digital transformation.