Dr. Steffi Burkhart: How Gen Alpha will completely change the world of work

29. January 2024 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Dr. Steffi Burkhart makes one or two people who find themselves in a leadership role today break out in a sweat. There is talk of young people who no longer want to lead because they not only question the old systems, but simply no longer want to play along. If no one plays along, the game will soon be over.

Dr. Steffi Burkhart, herself born in 1985 and therefore part of Gen Y, predicts that Generation Alpha will be one of the major drivers of the New Work phenomena, Youth Future and the ‘post-demographic society’.

The sports scientist with a doctorate in health psychology calls herself a ‘human capital evangelist’ and says of her ambition: “It is a matter close to my heart to advocate for the needs, questions and fears of young people. They are responsible for a change in culture and values in society, business and culture – they are our future. A second topic that is very close to my heart is women and careers. I want to promote both topics and inspire everyone to help shape the working world of tomorrow in a positive way today.”

Steffi Burkhart – Brave new world: Generations Y, Z and Alpha are the ones shaping our world.

Generations Y, also known as Millennials, and Generation Z have already had a significant impact on the modern working world. They are demanding adjustments in order to develop their full potential. Key words here are, for example, the desire for flexibility and work-life balance as well as a sense of purpose and community. They want to be treated as equals, want to constantly develop and are therefore looking for mentoring and development opportunities.

Open and transparent communication is crucial for them, and the integration of technological possibilities into their work is a matter of course.

Adapting to the needs of generations Y and Z requires an agile and proactive approach from companies. The task is to create an environment that supports flexibility, meaningfulness and personal development in order to attract and retain talented employees.

Even more so, Generation Alpha will drive this shift, they are the ones born from 2010 onwards. Generation Alpha is growing up in a highly digital world right from the start. Technology is not only available to them, but also a matter of course. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, members of Generation Alpha are more globally oriented. They have easier access to different cultures and perspectives.

From a young age, they develop a natural affinity for various technologies. Tablets, smartphones and other digital devices are part of their daily lives.

Generation Alpha is likely to develop a strong environmental awareness, as environmental issues have become increasingly present in recent years.

They are expected to have a high appreciation for individuality and diversity, as these values are becoming increasingly important in society. Due to the constant changes in technology and global society, lifelong learning will be an important skill for them, which they already know is vital.

Looking positively to the future – New Work will reach a new level.

In her keynotes, Dr. Steffi Burkhart speaks vividly and always positively about this ‘new world’ that is already taking shape today. There has been no going back for a long time, and she is convinced that this is a good thing.

Steffi Burkhart says: “What neuroscientists and psychologists are already realizing is that Generation Alpha will be a generation with new and higher cognitive abilities that are more advanced than any previous generation.”

In her presentations, Steffi Burkhart talks about demographic change as a resource for the future, about the mindset of millennials as a driver of the future, about cultural change and digital experts. On how companies can attract and retain young talent and the rethinking required to do so, on skillsets and modern consumption and on the importance of ‘girl support’.

There is good news for anyone who feels a little pushed into the background by all this in terms of age. Because Steffi Burkhart predicts that ‘youth culture will no longer just have something to do with young people. Youth culture is reaching a base age or a flat age. It is horizontal, no longer vertical. It’s based on values and no longer on demographics.”

So then. Onwards to a positive future!

Steffi Burkhart

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