Life-Coach Christian Bischoff: 203 centimeters pure motivation

18. August 2015 – Katharina Schlangenotto

Not without Christian Bischoff

The Transalpine-Run is a good example. This competition is one of the toughest running events on this globe. It leads from Germany to Italy, across the Alps, 250 kilometers, 15,500 meters of altitude. Christian Bischoff mastered it, with bleeding feet and feeling close to collapse several times. No reason for him to give up, he finished the competition to the end. One of his rules certainly is to not only talk but to experience the things he talks about himself. Anything else would be little authentic for him. The message to his audience in this case was: at the end, no one will ask you in which time you finished. What counts is only if you took part – and made it to the end.

Change your point of view, be brave, take responsibility

Bischoff talks in sold-out venues across Germany. Pationately, he speaks about how people find their way to lead a happy and fulfilled life. He also speaks about the topic “career success” in business, at conferences or kick-off events. On rousing style, he explains how it works, to change one’s own perspective and to identify new ones. However, if you want to keep mourning about your life or job, Christians clear words will for sure not make you happy. He is not someone who bothers about what other people say. In his opinion, it is most important to know your potential, but it is even more important to know how to implement them. Only those who would vouch 100 percent for themselves and their actions and who could formulate clear goals would be able to tackle these goals courageously and ambitiously. But how does this work?

The power of personal responsibility

Everyone would talk about uniqueness, it seemed that everyone wanted to be unique. In this context, Bischoff speaks about the power of self-responsibility and the courage you need in order to be self-responsible. That includes not only perseverance, effort, trust and understanding, but also someone who animates to jump into that “adventure of life”, some who inspires, motivates and trains. This is Christian Bischoffs job.

For years, he speaks and inspires audiences throughout Germany. The former basketball professional has a talent to include his audience, to keep them active and to leave them with a feeling of pure enthusiasm. He finds the right words to tear his curious listeners from their lethargy, to make them fit and ready for their way to go to success. He puts the focus to everyones own individual masterpiece of life and shows in a charismatic and successful way how to achieve individual goals. There is one sure thing: everyone who experiences Christian will take a big portion of energy home.”Success,” says Bischoff “is a skill that anyone can learn!”

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